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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A spirited German Woman stands up to Islamism

The main segment of the following video (hat tip to Up Pompeii) was taken on a mobile phone in Frankfurt on 22 April, and depicts a frustrated and angry German woman named Heidi berating her compatriots for their failure to stand up to Islamism in Germany and to protect the freedoms that Germans today enjoy. Her outburst was prompted by the holding of a Salafist rally in the city which drew some 1,500 Muslims to listen to the likes of the Jamaican Muslim Abu Ameena Philips and German Muslim convert Pierre Vogel call for the extermination of all homosexuals in Germany.

As can be seen from the following interview on the English Version of the Politically Incorrect website, her anger was fuelled by the fact that a protestant church in the city had actually allowed itself to be used as a base by Philips, Vogel and their supporters. Moreover, she had just been trying to explain the fundamental differences of the examples of Christ and Mohammed to some Muslim girls, drawing attention to their widely differing treatment of adultery: the forgiveness shown by Christ and the death sentence given by Mohammed. This was the trigger for a Muslim man standing next to Heidi to aggressively intervene and try and shut her up. What you see in the video below is how she reacted.

We all know that those who take a robust public stand against Islam place themselves in considerable peril not only from doctrinaire Muslims, but also (in the UK at any rate) from the police. Unfortunately, had Heidi said what she did in the UK, I think that she would probably have been arrested and would be facing a charge for ‘hate crime’. Witness the disgraceful 70-day prison sentence given to Cumbria man Andrew Ryan for burning a copy of the Qur’an, and contrast this with the £50 fine handed out to Emdadur Choudary for burning poppies and calling for the overthrow of the British state. The words “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves” now ring very hollow indeed. We have been reduced to second-class status in our own homeland.

In her speaking, Heidi broke the multiculturalist taboo that keeps all European peoples gagged. May her words resonate with the German people and help bring to an end the unfolding Islamic nightmare that threatens to snuff out freedom everywhere.


  1. It was brave of her to do what she did, for sure. But it was an isolated act. And this act translates into whimpering for brutish, strong-willed Islam not to pick on the effeminate, backwards, non-procreating, homosexual generation that old-man Germany produced with his last, dying breath.

    I know you are looking for "a positive" in this depressing climate in the West, and I'm sorry. It's just that when I look around, I don't see it. I don't see what you see.

    The Muslim has a point if we look at homosexuality as a metaphor. Everything that homosexuality can be seen to represent, negatively, is what German society has become. And it needs to be done away with.

    No, no...not homosexuality per se...but Germany is paralyzed by a mentality where the country thinks and behaves in a self-destructive, meek and unhealthy manor, much like...let's face it...homosexuals have been known to until this whole pride movement/don't hide in the closet thing tried to change that. You could even compare the thriving German mentality to that of the Blacks in America before the NAACP, Nation of Islam and the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights bit got the Blacks in America strutting and boisterous instead of just being self-destructive and submissive. But so as to not get off the point, it is clear that German society is not boisterous or strutting. It is just as clear that Germany has gone 100% the other way. And this society isn't having children. Or families. The problem is too much work, not enough money. And the people just accept it. Or drink a beer. It is hard to look these people in the eyes and think that yes, four generations ago, people like this had joined the KPD, the Reichswehr, the Freikorps or whatever, and were fighting in the streets, literally for control of the nation. It is hard to believe that later, people of this Nation were in the Steppes of Russia, rescuing the catastrophic Italian offensives in Egypt and Greece and maintaining civilian life under bombs. But they were...and what we have today are the survivors and their children. But that's the thing: the strong died in battle. The weak, who deserted, hid behind corners or never even left for the front survived. The survivors and their offspring are not ready to fight for anything. And I'm not talking about a boisterous, strutting fight for colonialism, land and resources; I'm talking about fighting to stop political Islam, and the Muslims, Blacks and Turks who are here to replace wobbling, Old-Man Germany and the "homosexual", effeminate, submissive, anti-society, individualistic skeleton society.

    A certain somebody once said no people unwilling to fight for the future deserve a future. And the Islamists want it more. Like it or not, they have the children, they have the willpower to dedicate their lives to their religion, they have the will to preach and the will to sacrifice for what they believe in. Hobbling old-man Germany and his schwul, hyper-individualistic, hyper-materialistic lazy children, who only sometimes call themselves Christian in name, will not beat this.

    Does this mean Islam is "right"? No. Especially if you are Christian, because now we are talking about the rise of Islam and the "false profit", as well as the fact that, according to the Christian faith, it has to get worse before it gets better. But if you are not religious at all, thinks look damn bleak. And to such a person, this return of the Messiah to save us at the last minute sounds about as likely today as Goebbels' Endsieg.

  2. I agree. The thing that struck me while watching this was the thought that anyone daring to speak to muslims in that manner in the Uk would have been liable for prosecution. We live in a country where you cant sing kung fu fighting unless you first check there are no chinese within earshot. This is worse than anything else. The fact that we are no longer able to air our opinions, even in a reasonable way. Its a legal extension of the no platform mentality and an indication of just how far the tendrils of the far left extend into our society. Its truly terrifying.

  3. AWK, you are right in noting that her outburst was but a single isolated act. Depressingly, nobody around her (granted, many of them were Muslims and the police could hardly be expected to show partiality in this respect) showed support. However, such personal awakenings as displayed in this video must be as widely publicised as possible, in the hope that other such moments of self-realisation with respect to the ugly reality engendered by multiculturalist national self-loathing are crystallised. Once such a shift in consciousness occurs, the person who has come to see the truth of the situation cannot see the world as they did previously. The chasm between lived reality and the officially endorsed fiction of the desirability of multiculturalism is revealed in an instant.

    Yes, the climate is depressing and bleak. The demographic invasion from Africa and the Middle East is gaining pace, and yet the controllers of the EU and those who operate its composite states prevent us from defending ourselves, choosing instead the idiocy of involving us in a civil war in Libya in which we have no interest, and from which no advantage can be gained. The European peoples are kept muzzled whilst those who bear us an unquenchable animosity are deliberately planted amongst us.

    Granted, Germany is suffering from an effete lack of national will. From where does this stem? That question is answered readily enough, for it is but a mirror reaction to the Nazi national imperialism of the 1930s and early 1940s. Alas, this is a stick with which the enemies of nationalism have been beating all European peoples since 1945, equating all nationalism with Nazi national imperialism. This, combined with a misplaced sense of collective post-imperial guilt, has been very successfully implanted into the consciousness of the majority of Europeans, generating a general climate of ethnic, national and racial masochism that has allowed mass immigration and Islamisation to progress unimpeded. Our task must be to remove this psychology of self-hatred and to rebuild the healthy confidence of our family of nations so that we may defend ourselves and determine our own futures within our own borders. This is possible. As you say, it is a question of will, and nothing will change my intent upon this matter.

    Before finishing, I would also like to add that the European peoples have inherited a general sense of guilt and sin from Christianity, although the religion in a doctrinaire sense is now more or less dead in the continent. This is its negative legacy to our collective psyche, and must be revealed as such and expunged. As for homosexuality, I have no interest in this subject, and given its frequency amongst Spartans, should not necessarily be equated with weakness in the face of outsiders.

  4. Cygnus, you are correct in noting that the ‘no platform’ mentality has in practice become embedded within all areas of life in our country. It really is frightening. It is shocking how many people have come to internalise it, and will even allow it to wreck personal relationships (as I know from direct experience). How strange it is when someone prioritises the state doctrine of ‘diversity’ above the one whom they are supposed to love. We live in depressing times. Oh well, I'd better cheer myself up by tracking down Carl Douglas on Youtube and playing his hit whilst concocting something to eat with a packet of five-spice.

  5. --snip--

    "This is possible. As you say, it is a question of will, and nothing will change my intent upon this matter..."


    I am glad to hear this. All it takes is the work of a few to inspire the fire in many. The problem is, however, now it is going "ok" enough for people to doing what they have been doing: tolerating more and more...until it is too late.

  6. Decreasing populations in Europe are due to our offspring surviving due to improved mortality rates and more enlightened life styles. This was gained by our ancestors through our European intellectual, physical and emotional prowess. Immigrants from the third and second world have larger families as they are unaccustomed to improved industrial age mortality rates. This however does not alter the fact that we are being demographically eviscerated by muslim immigrant culture. There - I've done my bit to demonstrate I'm at least semi-reasoning, now for the crux - the only way European natives can retain their culture and history is by using real applied force (violence). All of our words will achieve nothing as our leaders do not listen and are not democratic. Simply - It is time to fight Islam. No acceptance, no verbal arguements, no rationaisation, no compromise. Time to show our real colours.


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