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Saturday, 7 May 2011

March for Freedom in Cologne

A ‘March for Freedom’ has taken place in Cologne today. Around 1,000 marchers took to the streets of the German city to demonstrate in support of freedom of expression. As an anti-Islamisation demonstration organised by the Pro-Cologne movement, it drew the unwanted attention of anti-German leftist protestors, and some 10,000 police were drafted in to ensure that there was no violence. Members of Pro-Cologne have previously been physically attacked by self-styled ‘anti-fascists’. No information has been provided on the size of the counter-demonstration.

Representatives of kindred movements from other European countries were there to lend support: Jacques Cordonnier from France’s Bloc Identitaire; Filip Dewinter from Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, and Susanne Winter of Austria’s Freedom Party. Videos of the protest can be accessed at the following PI article (be warned, these are in German without subtitles).

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