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Thursday 19 May 2011

Safeguarding the Future of the English: Your Children and Grandchildren

Headlines come and headlines go, but one of the many negative themes that recurs time and again is the demographic decline of the English and the native British more generally in the United Kingdom, when compared to the burgeoning immigrant and immigrant-descended population. Today’s story in the Daily Express, revealing a 40% increase in the country’s non-white population in just 8 years, taking it from 6.6 million in 2001 to 9.1 million in 2009 (and that’s just taking legal immigrants and births to the settled non-white population into account) should serve as a salutary warning to those native Britons who view this process with a blasé indifference. The report goes on to note “that British whites will become a minority in Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford and Oldham “perhaps by 2016”.”

Why should this be a matter for concern you may ask yourself; after all, isn’t it ‘racist’ to object to such a transformation? Well, if you are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, why would you wish to place yourself, as well as your children and their descendents, at a comparative disadvantage in your own homeland in the labour and property markets? Why would you proffer legal and material advantages to immigrants and what is currently the ethnic minority population over the interests of yourself and your own flesh and blood? Are you comfortable with the real prospect of your children and grandchildren becoming an ethnic minority in their own country? Well, our ‘equalities’, ‘diversity’ and 'human rights' legislation ensures that such discrimination does take place, and that minority status will await the English if nothing is done to remove these harmful laws.

The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties introduced these unjust laws that discriminate against the indigenous population, particularly indigenous males, and they will rabidly defend and extend the sphere of their operation to the detriment of their own people whom they purport to represent. As they will not defend us, and as yet there is no political party standing in the wings with the imminent prospect of power, we must do what we can to combat and reverse this negative process of the displacement of our indigenous rights and interests.

The first step to take, which all native Britons should be willing to sign up to irrespective of any other political differences that they might hold, is to recognise that the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish are the indigenous peoples of their respective homelands, and that as such, their interests should take primacy within these historically constituted territories. This of course can only be achieved if we gain legal recognition of ourselves as being the native peoples of these islands, and for us to achieve this, we must unceasingly demolish the officially promoted myth that the English, the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish do not exist as distinct ethnic groups and nations. To do this of course, we must bring about a change in the consciousness of our peoples so that the official lie of our non-existence is rejected. We must therefore start a campaign for the recognition of our peoples as indigenous, and for this status to be enshrined in national and international law. Moreover, this campaign for indigenous rights must involve our neighbouring European cousins, so that the French, Dutch, Germans, Norwegians, Poles, etc, are all recognised as the indigenous peoples of their respective nation-states and accorded a concomitant right to determine their own futures. The interests of indigenous peoples everywhere should serve as the bedrock of all policy making.

The colonisation of our countries, our demographic displacement and the destruction of our national cultures and cohesion must be rejected. We need to start a campaign for the recognition of the English as the indigenous people of England, and thus should launch a carefully worded petition which we can spread via Facebook, email and other online platforms to ensure that policy makers and the mainstream mass media are compelled to sit up, listen and act.


  1. Another good article, I agree completely. We need to engage with people of English descent from all over the world to bring international pressure to the cause. I believe something similar is being tried by the Canada based but I haven't had the chance to properly check them out. So, who will begin the facebook group and get the ball rolling?

  2. A superb article! You articulate precisely the problems we face and, furthermore, express the solution.

    I have to confess there have been times that I have questioned your commitment to ethno-nationalism, but clearly you understand the problems the British peoples face. I only pray that the masses wake up before it is too late.

  3. Cygnus and UBN, I thank you both for your encouraging words. It is my conviction that it is still possible to effect real and lasting change for the better on the behalf of our native peoples, in league with our kin in our daughter societies, as well as our European cousins. The public care not for ideological purity, but for the pragmatic betterment of their own material and spiritual (metaphorically speaking) situations; but owing to decades of negative propaganda, they struggle to articulate these desires in a manner that is not shot through with misplaced collective ethnic guilt and self-loathing. We must therefore use an objective language that all can recognise as appealing to a concept of natural and universal justice: the right to self-determination of peoples.

    We must build our arguments and platform upon sound foundations, and appeal in a positive manner to the interests of our four native peoples: the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish. We can, and will, with popular support build a better future. We must seek to frame political debate in our own terms, and not be forever on the defensive against the slurs of political foes. We will succeed because we can offer a better way and genuine hope for the future. Our people must relearn the lesson that they do possess real political agency, and the power of choice; but in order to exercise this power, they must first recognise within themselves the reality of the potential of collective national agency, and slough off the apathy that has led to their current state of subordination.

    I, like both of you, am weary of the petty and egotistical machinations of individuals purporting to be nationalists, who in reality have placed personal material interests before those of their people. I do not wish to see a future where any of these malign egos - Barnes, Bennett, Collett or Griffin – exercise any influence over the nationalist scene in England and the wider United Kingdom. They hold us back and make a mockery of our movement, providing our opponents with the requisite negative propaganda to ensure that we remain forever on the fringes. Our movement must stand for probity, trust and hope, not for the squalid, thuggish pseudo-politics of the aforementioned discredited figures.

    Cygnus, I take it that you rightly call upon me to write the declaration that will serve as the basis of such a petition as I propose? I shall think about it over the weekend, and post a draft here by Sunday evening. Any comments from yourself, UBN and other sympathetic readers of this blog would be very welcome. I do not as yet possess a Facebook page, but presume that it would be quite straightforward to set one up. If you could both assist in raising awareness of this forthcoming petition, I would be much obliged. It’ll be but a small contribution on my part to helping things move in a positive direction for our people. If we should wish things to be done, then evidently we must do them for ourselves.

  4. How true, how true! Alas, nobody is listening, nobody cares. A voice crying in the wilderness.


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