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Saturday 2 April 2011

Live Coverage of EDL Blackburn Protest

Background on why the EDL protest is taking place today can be found here with an accompanying video, and opposition reaction to the protest and analysis of mass media representation can be found here. This entry will be regularly updated through the day as more information becomes available, so please come back for hourly updates. Video footage of the protest will be posted once it becomes available in an accessible format.

Lancashire Police this morning declared that they would be seeking to implement ‘fair and balanced policing’ at today’s protest and counterdemonstration. Despite the fact that many shops had been boarded up for the day in expectation and trouble, it is reported that there were more people than anticipated going about their weekly shopping in Blackburn town centre.

At 12:39, Lancashire Police estimated the EDL demonstration as circa 2,000 strong. According to the Lancashire Telegraph, many of the counterdemonstrators turned up wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan: ‘Born here, bred here, proud to be here.’ Well, any domineering colonist would say that, wouldn’t they? They regard it as their land now, and not ours. They have taken it for their own. Jack Straw turned up with the anti-EDL demonstrators, but it is not known whether he asked any Muslim women present to remove their veils. The number of counterdemonstrators was estimated at ‘several hundred’ at 12:43, a considerably lower figure than for the EDL, which can only be seen as encouraging. Fifteen members of the Birmingham Muslim Defence League are reported as having travelled to Blackburn: troublemaking colonists.

A number of those amongst the EDL crowd are reported as having started a fight, but with whom, it wasn’t made clear. The EDL’s Kevin Caroll rightly rounded upon these troublemakers calling them ‘idiots’.

By 13:49, the anti-EDL demonstrators were growing restive and were seeking to break through police barriers whilst shouting a great deal. This seems to fit well with the pattern displayed on previous such occasions. By 2pm the EDL demo was over, and protestors were making their way to coaches to take them home.

As of 14:40, the Lancashire Police were reporting that there had been seven arrests for public order offences, but as with the release of information relating to other such protests, it has not been indicated how many (if any) of these were EDL or from the counterdemonstration. It is also reported that local shoppers have been applauding the EDL as they leave, but it has not been indicated whether this was applause in support of the protest, or at the departure of the protesters.

Whereas earlier today we had been led to believe that the police had taken the sensible precaution of ensuring that the anti-EDL demonstration would be taking place in another location to avoid clashes, the BBC reports that the two groups were only about 500 feet apart! This is ludicrous. At least the final estimates for the number of counterdemonstrators came in at circa 500, leaving them outnumbered four to one by the EDL. At 14:32 it was reported that 'youngsters' amongst the UAF organised crowd were 'getting heated' and throwing sticks. This action gives the lie to the claim that they are peaceful 'anti-fascists' (sic).

Some Muslims had clearly been looking for a ruck, hence the Twitter report from Lancashire Police at 15:07 that 'Police are having some issues with a group of Asian youths and are trying to contain them. The counter demonstration has officially finished.' Why do they call them 'Asian'? This is an insult to non-Muslim Asians. Muslims is the word that they should be using. Don't tar the others with this brush.

A roundup of press coverage of the demo will be provided tomorrow, but the manner in which the Daily Mail has reported events in Blackburn would seem to confirm that the paper is running scared of the success of the EDL, and has stooped into the Communist gutter (the National Union of Journalists is affiliated to UAF) in order to provide the public with a distorted impression of the protest group. It's  headline of 'Shaming the St George's Cross: Vile EDL thugs in 2,000-strong hate protest wear flag-coloured burkas to confront Muslims' tells us that the Mail's alleged patriotism is as bogus as that of David Cameron's globalist politically correct Conservative Party.

Below is the first piece of watchable video footage from today's demo. A farcical piece of video showing the UAF counterdemonstration should raise a laugh if you wish to watch it here.


  1. "It is also reported that local shoppers have been applauding the EDL as they leave" They were applauding the protest. Due to the barricades the protest was not seen but heard but it was supported by many in the area. You need to be congratulated on keeping a peaceful protest, especially the thanks to the police at the end. Do not let the rantings of a politically correct press put you off. Unfortunately I have to remain anonymous as my job could be at risk,

  2. Thank you for this insight into the applause Anonymous. It's heartening to learn that the EDL have your support as well as that of other locals in Blackburn. I understand your position with respect to work, as I too have to remain anonymous.

  3. There were many locals lined up to show support for the edl. 100% certain that they were happy to see us.
    paul lancs

  4. the Muslims are jewhaters and the Muslims were fighting for Hitler's side in ww2, Mein Kampf is a best seller in most Islam countries to this day, they hold signs asking for ovens-- yet the press calls EDL "fascist" and calls the Nazi wannabees and fans "anti Fascist 'asians"
    Backwards' world-

    Here in USa only chinese Japanese and Korean, Thai Lao Vietnamese are considered Asian- we call people from India- Indians. We call the paksistan people Pakistanis and the rest Arabs or Middle eastern or African. Hindus from India certainly should never be placed into same group as MUSLIMS! agree
    No one understands the atrocities and land thefts, the double dealing the incessant whine for MORE of your land than INDIAn people.They are enemies with Muslims, b/c they KNOW.

  5. Another good sized crowd. No doubt the dhimmis at the Guardian will say there were only a handful of rowdy yobs and the BBC won't cover it at all.

    I'll link to this from my blog.

  6. having been to my 13 th EDL demo in Blackburn.
    it was great again to see true EDL supporters and EDL stewards rooting out a very small minority or scum racists in EDL..
    EDL supporters are patriots and will never forget,london bomdings,all failed bombings and attacks,stabbing of our labour MP,spiiting on our hero troops,poppy burning,the attempt to ban word CHRISTMAS etc etc..
    this a reminder of the threat posed by islamists and Islamic extremists on our streets, 100% behind EDL and its ashame people still aint work up and realised the threat to our country and culture ...that us EDL standing up for...


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