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Saturday 2 April 2011

The EDL March in Blackburn: Lies and Distortions

Shortly, EDL supporters will be gathering in Blackburn to protest against militant Islam in the town and its ongoing Islamisation. As in every other case of an EDL demonstration to which the media has paid any attention, the protestors are being grossly misrepresented and demonised. This is of course quite deliberate. On the other hand, supporters of the Islamo-Marxist UAF continue to be lionised by the media as defenders of ‘British tolerance’ (sic).

The mass media once again have deployed the usual panoply of propaganda against the EDL, characterising the movement and this march as:
  • Racist
  • Islamophobic
  • Hooligan
  • Violent
  • Communally divisive
  • Disruptive to business
  • Stretching police resources
  • Costing the taxpayer money 
Islam is not a race, so the first allegation can easily be discounted as playground name-calling. ‘Islamophobia’ is a non-existent phenomenon, a concept invented to try and stigmatise and prevent all criticism of Islam. To call the EDL ‘Islamophobic’ is therefore ludicrous: there is no such thing as irrational fear of Islam. As for characterising it as a ‘hooligan’ movement, a number of casual firms are associated with the EDL, but what of it? It is far better that these men unite against a real enemy in our midst than fight each other, which is pointless. Moreover, they are there to lend protection to the bulk of EDL protestors, not to instigate violence. The vast majority of EDL protestors are peaceful, and on the rare occasions when the Islamo-Marxist ‘counter demonstrators’ of the UAF have not been present, there has been very little trouble.

Most of the violence that the mass media attribute to the EDL and their demonstrations is in fact conducted by the hard-left and Muslims: UAF, SWP, MDL, etc. As for the EDL being ‘communally divisive’, the EDL exists because multiculturalism has created and fostered communal division and Muslim colonies. The EDL has arisen as a response to this social malaise created by the politicians of Labour, Lib Dem and the Conservatives; they have not created any division.

The disruption to business arises directly from the violent counterdemonstrations mounted by the UAF, SWP and MDL, not from the peaceful action of the EDL. Likewise, police resources and associated expense to the taxpayer arise from the need to prevent counterdemonstrators from attacking the EDL and causing havoc. Why, in contrast to other demonstrations, is the expense of EDL demonstrations always mentioned? And why, as in Leicester and many other boroughs, is it a fact that the local councils and trade unions spend vast amounts of money on counterdemonstrations and putative displays of ‘unity’ with Muslim colonists? Where is press condemnation of this abuse of taxpayers’ money? Nowhere!

Police have announced that the number of demonstrators on both sides in Blackburn is being limited to 3,000, and at least on this occasion, they have wisely sought to ensure that the UAF hold their demonstration in a separate location and thereby minimise the likelihood of violence. I do however strongly suspect that the hotheads of the hard-left and the local Muslim population will seek direct confrontation with the EDL.

Interestingly, it has been stated that the police have sent letters to those they describe as ‘potential troublemakers’ instructing them to stay away from Blackburn today. Would these individuals include Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith of the UAF I wonder? According to The Lancashire Telegraph:
Assistant Chief Constable Andy Cooke said: “A number of individuals, who we believe are planning to attend both demonstrations on Saturday, will receive a hand-delivered letter making it clear that we will not tolerate any criminal behaviour that may lead to violent confrontations at either event.
We hope this will deter them from coming to Blackburn, but if they are still intent on coming to either demonstration to cause trouble, positive action will be taken against them."
Asian Image has claimed to be concerned that the EDL protest will ‘cripple’ local trade on the day. If it really is so concerned, then why doesn’t it ask that proportion of its readership which is Muslim to leave England forever if they happen to think that Islam should be protected from criticism and seek the implementation of any aspect of Shariah? That is why the EDL exists, and it will grow stronger and stronger until the problem of Islamisation is not only acknowledged and addressed, but also solved permanently. Those of us who object to Islamisation are not going to be silenced, and we are going to take our country back from those who say otherwise.

Although it looked like an April Fool’s joke, a 24-hour strike by Blackburn’s Muslims taxi drivers apparently began at 6 am today as a mark of their displeasure at the EDL’s intention to protest in the town. Well, that’s their loss. Tough. I boycott Muslim taxis anyway, and I urge you to do so also. So far as I’m concerned, they can take out their prayer mats and fly off back to Pakistan or whichever other country happens to be their land of personal or familial origin.

The UAF have managed to marshal a number of ideological confederates in Blackburn, including the Lancashire Council of Mosques, and released a typically jaundiced piece of black propaganda (pun intended) against the EDL earlier in the week which read as follows:
The racist EDL – which has links to the British National Party and other fascist groups – wants to bring its poisonous message to the Lancashire town on that day.
But Blackburn & Darwen United Against Racism supported by UAF, Blackburn Trades Council, Blackburn College Students Union and the Youth On A Mission organisation have called a celebration of multicultural Blackburn on 2 April, to show that the racist EDL is not welcome in Blackburn.
Sorry UAF, but Muslim colonists – i.e. aggressive monoculturalists – are not welcome in Blackburn or anywhere else in this country. If you’re so keen on these exotic pets of yours, try moving to and living in an Islamically-governed country and see how long you survive.

Good luck to the EDL in Blackburn today! May you go from strength to strength, and Muslim colonists thereby realise that their time is up and the hour has come for them to depart forever!

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  1. A great article, with which I agree 100%. Especially the comment about the taxi drivers. I won't use them either - even though there are fewer here.

    I note the "cripple local trade" remark and was surprised you didn't expand on it. So what do they call it when they block the streets to prey to allah in the gutter?


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