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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Lampedusa Church burned by North African Migrants

The Voice of Russia reports that 36 so-called North African ‘refugees’ (i.e. Muslim economic migrants) on the island of Lampedusa repaid a parish priest for his kindness by setting light to his church. Prior to this ungracious act of arson, they had been accommodated in it. Why are any of these people allowed into European nations? Shouldn’t our armed forces be protecting us from them, instead of helping them to land in EU member states?
Photo: EPA

Malta too is pleading for help, because of the wave of migrants from North Africa arriving on its shores. Unfortunately, this is a crisis which will only grow worse, and the impact upon European societies will be highly negative. There is only one answer to this problem: send each and every one of them back. Only in this way, will we eventually ensure that no more come. The video below (H/T Tundra Tabloids) is a subtitled Bulgarian news report on the incident.

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