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Friday 8 April 2011

Wiltshire and the ‘Storm from the East’: Henry Webster’s Story

Wiltshire: home to Stonehenge, Avebury and Salisbury. A county replete with beauty and memory, possessed of a quintessentially English bucolic air, in which one may feel at ease and at a far remove from the troubles of the world. The past and the present intermingle here, and our footsteps interweave with those of our long-distant and nameless forebears, as the song of the skylark sweetly trills overhead, just as it did at a time before the writing of history began, and men toiled to create the mystery of Solsbury Hill. Here, between the Cotswolds and Salisbury Plain, overlooked by the immemorial path of the Ridgeway, lies a place perhaps not endowed with beauty, but inhabited nonetheless by good honest Wiltshire folk: the village of Wroughton.

What then, you ask, could cause me to write of such a place here? What should so intrude as to break this vision? This idyll? Well, I am afraid, that it is a phenomenon more commonly associated in our minds with urban England and its sorry decline: the ‘Storm from the East’. This too, has reached Wroughton, as Henry Webster and his family are all too aware. It now joins that sad roster of towns, the names of which we associate with the near universal blight of our age: Blackburn, Burnley and Bradford, to name but a few.

Henry Webster is both an unlucky, yet very lucky, young man, for he bears the imprint of a hammer in his head. The blow struck one inch deep, and his vision shattered into stars, as his Mohammedan assailants attacked him from behind, knocking him to the ground, where he lay to be kicked and beaten by a gang of Muslim cowards some thirteen strong. Yet he lived, and he now speaks of his ordeal, and the permanent physical damage done to him by these bragging bullies.

For two years, this young man and his family have lived with the consequences of this attack. For two years, his mother – Liz Webster - has struggled for a public enquiry into this assault. What then, has this crime yielded by way of public comment and justice? Tragically little, I am afraid. The formulaic state-endorsed prose of the Ridgeway School website welcome message gives a hint as to how Henry’s ordeal has been treated:
The Ridgeway School offers a vibrant learning community with much pace and challenge; pupils do well in examinations and national tests and we strive to do ever better.
‘Vibrant’? What does this ‘vibrant’ signify? We know that Dewsbury is ‘vibrant’, as are Birmingham, Tower Hamlets and Derby. Oh, how I wish that this little corner of the West Country were not ‘vibrant’, for this word is a veritable curse. I would much prefer it to be officially classed as ‘dull’, for then we would know that the spiritual successors of the Saracens would not have made their way to one of the last remaining outposts of true England. As if it were not bad enough that Henry Webster almost lost his life to this Muslim mob, the character of the headmaster of the Ridgeway School has been weighed in the balance and found to be most wanting.

Steve Colledge was confronted by concerned parents the day after the attack upon Henry Webster, but he offered no support for the victim or his family. Neither did he offer an explanation, thereby underscoring his adherence to the state official ideology of politically correct multiculturalism, under which minorities are so often exempted from the criticism that they so richly deserve.

The motivation for the vicious assault upon Henry Webster was clearly based upon the ethno-confessional group solidarity of his assailants, which allowed them to function as a unit. As can be seen from the video report below, those who unleashed the violence were happy to let this be known by stating after the beating “That’s what you call Paki bashing” and “All the gora [whites] in year 11 want a fight”. However, the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) refused to recognise that there was a racial or religious motivation at play in this attack. The double standards of the CPS are simply astounding. It would seem that for this body, we English alone are capable of ‘racist’ crimes, and that barbarians such as those who almost killed a fifteen-year-old English boy, can do no wrong on this score.

We have seen in repeated cases how the police, the media and mainstream politicians have attempted to cover up systematic Muslim paedophilia, and how the family of Charlene Downes has been grossly let down by the legal system. What this suggests to me is that our establishment is indeed ‘institutionally racist’, and that this inherent racism is clearly directed against a particular section of our population: the English.



  1. I'm Jewish. And the incident is certainly regretable. However, its more likely that the English lad deserved what was coming for him. From the story it is clear that he provoked the ire and antagonized the Pakistani-British youths. He foolishly decided to take the challenge to the playground and he got his butt kicked. Too bad, so sad but thats that lad ! Get over it. White Britons need to stop being such cowards and actually try fighting with atleast half the courage and skills shown by those ethnic youth.

  2. You're Jewish? Really? What you've written here suggests to me that you're more likely to be an anti-Semitic troll attempting to incite hatred towards Jews, for I certainly find your comment and tone highly disagreeable. You describe him getting his head caved in with a hammer as getting "his butt kicked"? It would seem to me that the sort of person who would write such a thing wouldn't suffer any ill effects from a hammer attack to the head, as there's evidently so little in it.

  3. 'The Jew' is indeed correct about one thing: if you are going to fight: fight to win.
    These new people are an island culture struggling to grow into a demographic hegemony and so driven by their true (if temporary) minority status are severely paranoid about any apparent loss of face as legitimacy (we had the same problem with the Irish in the 1900s and now with the Hispanics: blanket, aggressive, machismo; covering for terrified isolation).
    This 'how we show fear' attitude drove the SWA kids to achieve local supremacy by extreme means which included not only massing as a military force but also the tactics of surprise and superior firepower.
    Of note, after being challenged to a fight, the foreign boy -went home- to get his adult elder brother, a hammer and a carful of older
    The young white man had nothing but his fists and a Marquis of Queensbury mindset in proving a philosophic difference man-to-man rather than tribe to tribe, all after a long running bout of constant racial epithets exchanged between his friends and the foreigners.
    The Asians knew they were and are not wanted in England because of their dark looks and barbaric cultural manners and were angry and frightened because they knew that they had no right to be acting as though they owned the school, even though that was what they were used to doing in their own homeland.
    So they fought against dispossession and under-dog status also as they would at home: through lethal force.
    The True English have no wise moves here as they should not breed with this inferior, inbred, refuse and yet they cannot defend themselves 'as equals' without their own government betraying them with biased prosecution for hate crimes.
    But if you are going to risk criminal action, at least make sure it is not post-mortem to your own murder.
    Maybe, if enough English lads show their diseased pacifist parents what real courage is, someone somewhere will be shamed by their bravery long enough to to turn off the tap.
    If it's not already too late.


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