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Thursday 7 April 2011

Blackpool: 60 underage White Girls abused by ‘Non-white adult Males’

The reports connected to this scandal are somewhat coy, but you dear reader, being aware of the sexual preferences of followers of a certain ‘religion’ (more correctly described as a totalitarian political ideology), will be able to put two and two together and figure out why the police and the media aren’t letting on to the confessional affiliation of the abusers. Why else would the reports mention systematic paedophile abuse of ethnic English girls in towns such as Blackburn and Burnley? We know why: for the same reason that paedophiles from a certain background in Derby, Rotherham and Keighley (to name but a few other instances) preyed on underage English girls. Is the public really so stupid as not to realise that the near deification of a seventh-century paedophile warlord whose name is all-too-well-known, lies at the root of this phenomenon? If you remove the practitioners of this paedophile creed, you remove the problem.

The abused girls were all aged between 13 and 15, belonging to precisely the same age group as Charlene Downes, whom it is alleged was raped, murdered and then served up as kebab meat to unsuspecting customers on the Blackpool seafront.

Today’s revelations arise from a copy of an unpublished report obtained by the Times, which revealed the scale of this crime in Blackpool, but as the Times hides behind an internet paywall, what is written here is gleaned from secondary sources such as the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the BBC.

The pattern of sexual abuse of all of these 60 girls was very similar. The Telegraph states:
An unpublished police report identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as "honeypots" where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.

The report said: "Young people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers.”

Earlier this year a Home Office inquiry was launched amid reports of a similar trend of crime across the north of England and the Midlands involving gangs of mainly Muslim men and young girls.
This is no mere coincidence. Islam is a misogynist and imperialistic creed that sees our underage girls as legitimate booty to be ‘enjoyed’ and exploited with no sense of guilt or responsibility on the part of the men who perpetrate this crime. It is about time that we were able to publicly state that Islam is directly responsible for this paedophilia, and that Islam is not welcome in this country. Our children should certainly not be taught that Islam is ‘just like any other religion’ or ‘worthy of respect’, for it is neither of these things. Our children should be taught to despise Islam for the backward and hateful ideology that it is. Whatever you do, do not let your children anywhere near Muslim takeaways, restaurants or taxis. Keep them well away and teach them to avoid Muslims, but warn them also not to tell this to teachers, otherwise they’ll get them into trouble, as after all, most of the members of our teaching profession now act like Stasi snitches. This is the only way that you can keep your children safe.

Not all paedophiles are Muslims of course, but what distinguishes us non-Muslims from Muslims, is the fact that we revile paedophilia and despise those who practise it, whereas Muslims support them, because their prophet Mohammed was himself a paedophile. Since I placed my ‘Quiz for Muslims’ on this site, not one Muslim has answered the questions. Not one of them has condemned Mohammed’s paedophilia, which tells you all that you need to know about their attitude towards it. I can only draw the inference that they condone it. Indeed, amongst their men, they appear very happy to support it, providing that it is targeting our girls; our innocent non-Muslim girls.

According to the Daily Mail, ‘A former senior officer with Lancashire police told The Times the report was hushed up because of fears about 'upsetting community cohesion'.’ ‘Community cohesion? What ‘community cohesion’? I don’t see any ‘community cohesion’. What I see instead is a failure of politicians, the media, schools and the police force to open their eyes and recognise and name the problem of systematic paedophilia amongst the Muslim colonies that they have allowed to grow in our country. These colonies and the people who comprise them, never have been and never will be part of our community. They are no more part of our nation than a cancer is part of somebody’s ailing body. As such, they need to be excised and removed, otherwise the problem remains.

Either render Islam inert through encouraging mass apostasy, or physically remove its followers. These are the only ways in which this cancer can be destroyed. If our political class and their agents do not do this, then they are letting us know that they are prepared for this routine paedophilia to continue for the sake of purchasing the Muslim bloc vote. After all, has not Cameron just given Pakistan £650 million in aid? For what? From whom? By whose consent? The answers: to purchase Muslim votes using our money and without our consent.

Curse you Cameron! We shall not forget this. Curse also the haughty privileged Oxbridge media prima donna Anna Botting of Sky News, who saw it fit (according to the Casuals United blog) to laugh at the death of Charlene Downes last night. These individuals hate the English working class. Never forget anyone who slanders our people, and treats them with contempt. Can you imagine her getting away with laughing at the disappearance and presumed brutal murder of a member of an ethnic minority or a Muslim? Of course you can’t! She never would. We are treated as scum in our own country. This has to stop, and we must make it known that we will not stand for this sort of behaviour and attitude any longer. Those who would think themselves our masters and mistresses, should be but our agents to do our bidding. If they do not change their ways, and represent us and our interests, instead of those who seek to usurp our indigenous birthright, what right have they to continue to govern? None!

The EDL continue to support the Downes family in seeking justice in connection with the disappearance of their daughter Charlene. Let us hope that those responsible are eventually identified and sentenced.


  1. There is more trouble for the British people. All those "refugees" landing on Lampedusa and being shipped to points further north in Italy don't intend to remain in Italy. A lot of them this time are Eritreans and Somalis. Guess where they are headed for?
    "The French should remember that even the delights of la vie parisenne can’t compete with sumptuous conditions further north. Sweden and Britain are considered prize destinations for migrants with a disinclination for paid labor and a taste for the good life. Once the flood is fully released, watch for it to flow in those directions".

  2. Thanks for the link Gary. I've been keeping a close eye on the Lampedusa situation in my posts on this issue.


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