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Friday 1 April 2011


Melanie Phillips may have recently been hauled over the coals for using the term ‘savages’, but there can be no doubt (unless you yourself are a savage or a savage sympathiser/enabler) that savages carried out today’s cruel murder of at least twelve (the Telegraph suggests that the figure could be as high as 20) UN personnel in Mazar-i-Sharif. What, other than savage irrationalism, could have moved these Afghan Muslims to respond in such a way to the non-crime of Pastor Jones and his supporters burning a copy of a morally perverse book called the Qur’an in the USA? To highlight the negative content of this book and then to destroy one of the many millions of copies in existence is a symbolic act that caused no pain. Pages do not possess a central nervous system. It wasn’t an historically or artistically worthy example of calligraphy. It was merely one of many hundreds of millions of mass-produced Qur’ans: a bad book that nobody will miss.

If someone burned a copy of a book that I happened to like, I might think that it was an odd thing to do, but I would not demand the death of that person for having carried out such an act. I certainly wouldn’t call for the murder of people totally unacquainted and unassociated with the book-burner. I wouldn’t call for anyone to be punished, or indeed, even to be condemned. If it’s their book, they can do with it what they want.

As with the Danish cartoons affair, this outburst of irrational hate demonstrates how utterly vile, innately aggressive and domineering Islam is. And to think, that our troops are in Afghanistan, being killed and maimed on the behalf of such barbarians as those who attacked the UN compound today. We have no business being there, just as we have no business intervening in the Libyan civil war. Kill those who were responsible for today’s attack, and leave. If you think that this sort of thing could not happen in the UK, think again: 78% of resident Muslims have declared that anyone who criticises Mohammed should be punished. May a million more Qur’ans burn. Hopefully, such a symbolic gesture would induce a wave of heart attacks and strokes in those Muslim fanatics who demand our submission or death. Those responsible for today's violence were the perpetrators themselves: Muslims and Muslims alone. Mecca delenda est.

The following Sky News report shows the Afghan Muslim fanatics in action:


  1. That irrational herd - yes, herd - you see at the beginning could just as easily be Bradford, Burnley, Luton etc. in 5-10 years time, given the demographics. Easily. Give the Muslim baby boom of the 2000s time to reach teens and then BOOM! All bets are off.

  2. Anonymous, I'm afraid that you're right. It is also chlling to consider that these people are being discriminated in favour of in all spheres of work, and alarmingly, have carved out a niche for themselves in certain aspects of medicine and law. How can there be trust between us and them? It also appears that those already here will be vastly augmented by the stream of economic migrants issuing out of North Africa. Why aren't these so-called 'refugees' being sent straight back? This is a demand that we need to make. There should be no welcome for them.


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