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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Videos from Today's EDL Dudley Demonstration

Video footage from today's EDL demo in Dudley has now been posted. As can be seen from the first instalment below, it would seem that demonstrators were initially penned in by metal fencing.

The subsequent two videos indicate that the main body of the EDL demonstration continued to be confined in this penned area. Numbers are lower than at previous demonstrations, but there were EDL Facebook reports claiming that some coaches full of supporters were being prevented from reaching their destination. As can be seen, there is no sign of violence in any of the videos posted here. However, that is not the case in a series of excellent photographs taken by Jonathan Walker. These feature both EDL supporters and local Muslim counter-demonstrators. As can be seen, there is one individual with the EDL crowd who deserves a stiff sentence for throwing a section of drainpipe at the police. Resident young Muslims can also be seen squaring up to the police. Such 'youths' are not a problem for Dudley alone however, for they went on the rampage in Grenoble on Friday and Saturday night.


  1. "no sign of violence"

    Yeah, sure.

  2. Thanks for the link. The idiot throwing the length of drainpipe at the police deserves a stiff sentence. I do not condone violence.

  3. Thanks EDL for another waste of time and money in my town, costing tax payers and local business men/women their loss of income on yet another Saturday. I think the local residents can do without this this disturbance.

  4. the goverment really need to start listening,i really think the news has lied,they wasn,t 500 edl it was more like thousands,a 14 year old boy has been stabbed by some muslims,some edl have been run over by some muslims,soon we will be took over by these devil worshippers (FACT) muslims have nine wifes,so how many children is that, it should be illegal in this country, why do muslims have big familys, read the quaran it says TO WIN THE INFEDALS OUTBREED THEM, the infedals are people who dont worship allah,why should we.muslims will always be welcome but that is only a majority of them that dont want to change our country and leave it and let it be how its always been english law nothing,if they want sharia there in the wrong place. THIS IS ENGLAND IT WILL NEVER BE ALLAHS LAND NEVER WILL BE.AND THATS FINAL!!!!

  5. I do not condone violence myself,but the country needs to listen to the EDL,they dont need to follow the edl if they dont want to, but please read the quaran it will make you see sense.

  6. Anonymous, I hope that there are no further disruptions to your town and that business does not suffer. Times are straitened enough in the current economic environment. If the EDL do seek to protest again, they need to do so peacefully and in an area which will not cause disruption to your trade.

  7. Anonymous Number 3, I know that the Qur'an permits four wives, but I'm not so sure about nine. I've read about the traffic 'accident' and it does strike me as a bit odd that the driver responsible couldn't avoid hitting and injuring six people. It's hardly as if he or she might not have seen them, is it? It looks as if it could have been deliberate, but we'll have to await the findings of police investigations. I hope that the report about the stabbing of the 14-year-old boy proves to be a rumour rather than true. If it is true, this is very sad news indeed.

    As I've written elsewhere, we need to distinguish clearly between 'doctrinaire' and 'nominal' Muslims. Doctrinaire Muslims believe in the message of the Qur'an and in its truth, which obviously we do not and never can do, whereas nominal Muslims are those people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having been born into Muslim families but are unable to publicly disassociate themselves from belief in Islam because they are afraid for their personal safety. My gripe is with doctrinaire Muslims only; nominal Muslims are victims of doctrinaire Muslims too, and need our help in safely breaking away from the religion. Shariah law has no place and should have no place in our country or any other non-Muslim country.

  8. Anonymous Number 4, I agree with your position. I condemn violence, and although I do not personally find the tactics employed by the EDL appealing, I do understand their position. Its supporters are often the people who have to deal with the most unpleasant and everyday aspects of Islamisation, and the politicians ignore them. This, understandably, is why they are so angry and give vent to their frustrations in the manner that they do.

    I am hoping that Wilders’s international initiative will give impetus to the formation of a positive political force in the UK which will openly oppose Islamisation and champion Western freedoms. Alienating potential supporters by causing them to shut up shop for the weekend doesn’t seem like a particularly positive approach to me, and it is clear that there is a fringe element within the EDL which is out for a fight. As you’ll note from the various comments written by leftists on this blog, they perplexingly genuinely believe that people that oppose Islamisation are what they term ‘far-right’. I learned that this term was meaningless when they applied it in turn to Pym Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh and Geert Wilders, each of whom has championed a libertarian position.

  9. Durotrigan wrote:"If the EDL do seek to protest again, they need to do so peacefully and in an area which will not cause disruption to your trade."
    so you want to ban demonstrators who are fighting also for YOUR CHILDRENS future to some place they cant be heard ??? Because of trade ???
    you are pathetic. EDL is englands hope as is Geert Wilders for the netherlands. you call us racists but we at least have some back bone, we are fighting for our people.
    sorry for bad english and sorry for you

  10. Anonymous, you've got hold of the wrong end of the stick: I do not want to limit the right of the EDL to demonstrate and I do not think that the EDL are racists. Read the many entries on this blog and you'll see that I support you. You'll also see that there are many comments accusing me of being what you mistakenly think I am accusing you of being: 'racist', etc. Your organisers simply need to ensure that those rogue elements (such as the individual depicted throwing part of a drainpipe at the police yesterday) are dealt with appropriately and that EDL supporters are not in future penned into areas by metal fencing. However, surely you can understand the concerns of local traders? Focus your marches on mosques rather than shopping areas. Why would you want to alienate prospective local support?

  11. Doing a bit of research I found that only around 3.5% of the population of the UK class themselves as Muslim. This hardly poses a threat to the "indigenous" white population of the UK who account for around 85% of the population.

    I can understand people wanting to voice their concerns over the mosque they were going to build there. As a so-called democratic society everyone has earned that right. BUT the EDL returned after the council decided not to go ahead with the larger mosque. Instead they choose to demonstrate against Islam in general that is in complete opposition the laws that gives everyone their freedoms to protest. You can worship who you want to worship as long as it does not infringe on what anyone else wants to believe.

    If Sharia law were to be implemented it would affect everyone regardless of what belief you have and as the majority of the population don't believe in it. On the basis of that Sharia law will never be implemented in the UK so I honestly don't understand the paranoia over this issue. Problems arise when telling them to relinquish part of their identity that is personal to them which religion is to most people who believe in it. It's not like they are knocking down peoples doors and getting them to convert like Jehovahs Witnesses usually do.

    As for your comment about the Muslim youths, it seems they were much better behaved than the EDL.

  12. What percentage of the Russian people were Bolsheviks in 1917? What percentage of the German people were Nazis in 1933? Islam is a totalitarian political ideology. It only requires a relatively small cadre of fanatical individuals united by a common ideology and willing to risk death for them to be able to impose their will on a society. This is all the more achievable when such a group is united and confronts a society that is confused, fragmented and unaware of what precisely it is up against.

    I am glad that you have started to look into this issue, yet feel from the way that you write that you are looking at it in the abstract without having come into contact with the phenomenon of Islamisation and what it practically means. If you knew people who have lived in areas that have been demographically transformed by Muslim settlers or areas abutting onto them you would know of the routine intimidation and violence deployed by significant elements within the Muslim population against non-Muslims. I know of people who have literally been driven from their homes by physical assault and arson. I also know of people who have been forced out of their jobs in the public sector because they were not sufficiently ‘Shariah’ compliant. My concerns and those of many of my readers are not some whimsical paranoid fantasy, but a living ugly reality. Being forced out of your home or your job is not a minor matter. Being professionally party to statistical projections for certain districts, I can also tell you that this seemingly ‘small’ proportion of the population is set to skyrocket amongst the younger age groups, and when combined with the fact that all of our political parties are committed to faith schooling, this will have an explosive impact upon the politics of our country in the next ten to twenty years.

    You mention Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they are harmless. They may not do themselves any favours by refusing blood transfusions, but they are not unpleasant people and I am always happy to politely differ with them. We don’t have a large pool of young Jehovah’s with so-called ‘grievances’ threatening to unleash violence upon us.

  13. EDL your a bunch of idiots.

    if your that interested in making you point then do something political, stand for local or national goverment. Your brash thuggery is becoming increasingly boring and alienating the wider public.

    I am a white christian by the way but your behavior is Hitler nazi like and shameful.

    Grow up and stand to be counted !!!!!!

  14. I wonder how many on here ever ask themselves a few Questions..such as how is it possible that Afghan have been having record crops of Opium..esp with all the US and Uk troop numbers..I mean these peasant muslims are that smart they can grow, harvest and ship to the west record ammounts of heroin..all under the noses of 150,000 troops who totally control the skies...or maybe it;s US Corporations who are controlling the drug our brave soldiers are being killed for $$$$...the drugs destroy our young and the billions it makes helps funds the Corporate war machine( as well as all your hard earned taxs)..WMD oh thats right their wasnt any was there? who armed Sadam again to fight Iran?? right..what would you do with MUSLIM tanks and an occupying army on your street...who funded the Taliban in the first place USA...who were one of the biggest donors to the NAZI party ?? oh yeah PRESCOTT BUSH and the UNION bank of NEW YORK..the Luftwaffe couldnt have blitzed London without a 20 Million sale from a US Company...where did all those NAZI scientists go to after WW2 oh yeah the US..I'm not anti American..Im married to a yank and have a stepson who is a US Marine special forces, how many of you realise the the US is on the brink of the 2nd Revolution...nah not on BBC or SKY is it..and its not because Obama is black..its because people are waking up to the truth..WE have all been had big time...the West is run by a Corporate Elite..our politicians..ALL parties are in their pay..Obama,Sarkosky, B LIAR, Brown Cameron Clegg etc etc..who is to blame for the mass immigration throughout the West?? Which parties let them all in??? yeah pisses me off big time too when you read of yet another Somali family living it up in a mansion..ITS MEANT TO...the same people who control our puppet Govs control the banks, (yeah this reccession is getting better isnt it??..its being collapsed on purpose) they control the media so everything you read and hear is what they want you to see..they want us to fight each other..why else would they flood europe with mass immigration and cause a financial have old folks begging for food in the States..22% unemployment..tent cities..their is even a resistance within the millitary...look at the orders that won't be obeyed on ask yourselves why they are stateing's about liberty and freedom not politics and religion or race..we are all being Brits..white muslim black..same in the US they are playing the race card their with the Mexicans...the Elite want us to fight each other so they can bring in Order out of Chaos..Both BUSH's Obama, Brown Blair Cameron have all used the words New World many of you really heard???.. do some research for yourselves..all of your EDL / Muslim blah blah is going to be irrelevant very very need to Wake UP...the NWO is real...we have all sleepwalked to the creation of the biggest Tyranical Empire in human history..your all missing a way bigger picture...most of you wont realise until it's too man in a shroud coming to save us..or Allah for that matter.

  15. fk da pakies, fk da edl.. im a british sikh. my grandfather foughtr in ww2 alongside the british army. EDL and most paks claims benefits, where as most sikhs work hard for a living, as do the rest of the uk. die edl die muslim fanatics!

  16. All the EDL are is a security branch/MI5 operation designed to put an emerging sub section of the 'far right' under one banner so they can control them. The EDL is far more anti Muslim than pro English, there are many Jews and Blacks among their ranks (their logic doesn't seem to make sense- if Blacks and Jews and indeed anyone but White natives are English then why aren't Pakistanis or Afghanis).
    Basically the BNP/NF still have a reputation as being anti-semitic, anti-Zionist and White separatists, this doesn't suit the new breed of nationalists who are most concerned about Islam's place in society (people of my generation and indeed most people under 40 grew up in a Britain with lots of non-White faces and accept unconditionally the presence of such people so the NF 'keep Britain white and send 'em back' rhetoric doesn't cut it with them) and are either indifferent to the Jews/Israel or support them (take note of the large number of Israeli flags at EDL events).
    A few people I know have begun going to these EDL events, I try not to prosletyse but its hard not to tell them they are being duped and probably putting themselves squarely on the radar of the powers that be.
    What did this rally acheive? Nothing, other than the reels of footage of everyone there, people who the police now know have 'Islamophobic' and probably a whole host of other 'phobic' sympathies. A Muslim gets stabbed by someone fitting your description and you could be in serious trouble- ergo its best to avoid these things.
    I prophecise the EDL will be given enough rope to hang themselves so to speak, they will be allowed free rein until their supporter base is sufficiently large and then the authorities will start dismantling them. The government and police know there will always be anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment and they realise the laws they pass are 1) hard to enforce (prosecutions under some parts of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, for example, require the permission of the Attorney General to proceed) and 2) riddled with loopholes. So realising this they decide to think of ways to box up and keep under control radical elements in society- a good way of doing this is to promote groups like the EDL.

  17. i have misconcerns over the EDL , iwas in dudley when some was in court it was nice to see surport for the ones in court by other supports . I noticed a jag, driving up and down the rd passing the courts and wondered where is all this money going to from your followers , or is it just lining some ones pocket , this jag was clearly a edl surporter as there was flags on it ,by the edl

  18. Anonymous of 20.7.10 says EDL are a "security branch/MI5 operation" but give no evidence.

    Anonymous advises against marching, but offers no other strategy.

    I think a combination of marching with posters, flyposting, stickering, bombarding the press with details of Islam ( for example and ) to educate the sheeple.

    And there must be someone in media who can get at least one TV show on exposing the Islamization and the truth behind Islam??


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