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Sunday 3 April 2011

EDL Blackburn Demo: Farcical UAF Video

Not only did the Blackburn EDL demo go well yesterday, but it also yielded up some unintentional comic gems on the part of the UAF counterdemonstrators. They have already provided us with one of the most ludicrous photographic images of the year to date, but now they have decided to give us an equally absurd companion piece in the form of the video below. Quite why they uploaded this onto Youtube is frankly a mystery, as its content cannot be termed anything other than acutely embarrassing.

Whereas the footage itself is visually dull (a group of people milling around looking utterly disinterested in the agitator’s chants (I believe Aussies call such a person a “spruiker”)), it is worth watching in full, as it reveals not only the UAF’s lack of popular appeal, but also its leadership’s complete absence of understanding of the ‘culturally diverse’ constituency that it purports to represent and defend. Why else, for example, would the spruiker be chanting “We are black, white, Asians we are Jews. We are black, white, Asians we are Jews!” at a demonstration allegedly defending Muslims? Given the latter’s typical attitude towards Jews, the spruiker could not have hit a more discordant note had he been addressing a gathering in a Munich bierkeller in 1933.

Despite the spruiker’s injunctions for the small crowd to join in, there was a distinct lack of response: no unified chanting, stomping of feet or clapping of hands. Nothing. Another risibly inappropriate chant ran:
“We are white, we are white, together we are dynamite. We are black, together we are dynamite. We are black, we are white, together we are dynamite.”
This man evidently doesn’t have an ironic bone in his body. Who would choose an explosive reference like that when trying to appeal to Muslims? If anyone else had done so, I’m sure that it would have been deemed at the very least inappropriate.

Most hollow of all ran the chant:
“There are many, many more of us than you! There are many, many more of us than you!”
The UAF demonstrators were outnumbered more than four to one by the EDL. EDL supporters have nothing to worry about, as the UAF has revealed itself to be a spent and irrelevant force. The UAF is an artificial construct lacking popular resonance propped up by vast union and public subsidies. Watch and cringe:


  1. A bunch of islamo-dimwits and their groupies! Hahahaha!!

  2. Has Cameron had his name removed yet from the list of official UAF supporters?

  3. That Scottish dhimmi's dying on his feet. I
    reckon the muslims sense that before too long
    they won't need white do-gooders to defend them as there'll be more than enough of them to fight their own battles, of which there will likely be many. Islam's 'bloody borders' (copyright Samuel Huntington) will manifest themselves in the UK soon enough.

  4. Martin Smiff shows his face at 3:34 - looking pissed off because there's not enough violence to bring about his Trot Revolution!

    'We're white, black and Asian.' - a UAF chant in the vid. I didn't see a single black person, even if Weyman Bennett was there.

  5. So this is what a 500/1000 strong mob of 'anti-fascists' looks like.
    Ladies, may I introduce you to my 25 inch knob.

  6. You're spot on with your observation about faux lefties having a complete lack of irony. Also they're more interested in typos and correcting grammar when you engage them on internet forums (sorry lefties, I, meant fora). Sad people.

  7. Im amazed nobody has spotted Martin Smith in the video-firstly handing a wedge of cash to an elderly steward at 2 mins 50 onwards and then Smith and two cronies walking away sheepishly at 3.35.

  8. Smith thinks he has got away with this but i wonder if he gave the steward an invoice and what was the money for? zoom in for better detail and watch the steward disappear back towards the muslims.Surely Martin and the UAF/SWP werent paying the muslims a tenner each maybe to attend??? something extremely dodgy going on there i suggest.Btw does anyone recognise the fat grey haired bloke seemingly acting as Smiths minder? ive seen him plenty times in videos and pics.The other guy with the glasses is from Bolton and a leading lefty figure there.

  9. That was a bribe to get the muslim fella into the train station, Martin Smith looks like a nonce, no wonder he gets along with muss!

  10. @ craigy - The FAT BLOKE with SMITH in the Blue Shirt (He has worn that shirt on the 5/6 times we have had him trying to disrupt our Tabletops in Wigan and Ashton Town Centre) I would like to know who he his too.


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