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Saturday 6 October 2012

Downing Street Anti-Grooming Protest

A protest against street grooming is currently underway outside of Downing Street. A source states that approximately 50 demonstrators are present, whilst a roughly similar number of Muslim protesters have gathered outside of Westminster. Whether the latter intend to confront the anti-grooming demonstration is not known, but it is thought that the primary object of their protest is to voice opposition to the extradition of Abu Hamza and other Islamists for trial in the US. The short video below shows the anti-grooming demonstrators passing Downing Street.


  1. The protest outside Westminster is muslims showing there love for the prophet Muhammad. I've witnessed 1000's of them. It is a peaceful protest, I'm amazed there is nothing on the news about it!!!

    1. I too am "amazed", and yet not surprised, that the mainstream media did not bother to cover the protest you mention.

  2. I sat through Sky and BBC news this afternoon and didn't see a single mention of this protest, no surprises there.

    Surely anyone protesting against Abu 'the Hook' Hamza's deportation should be investigated by the authorities. Only a fellow extremist would believe he is innocent. At the very least they should take all the protesters in for questioning. I wonder how many of them would be found to be living and claiming off the state illegally?

    As for the muslim paedophile gangs, well, all I can say is hanging should be brought back for evil scum like them...


    1. The neglect of these protests, particularly the large-scale Muslim one at Westminster, is notable. What would viewers have made of Muslims praying outside of Westminster Cathedral and hundreds gathering with Islamic banners and speaking in their "community" language(s) on the Cathedral Green? Would they have been shocked?


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