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Sunday 7 August 2011

Vigilantism in North London: ‘Local Protection Units’ formed to confront Rioters

Last night’s rioting in Tottenham is reported to have spilled over into Wood Green, and it is feared that there will once again be unrest tonight. Reports indicate that it took only 200-300 rioters to wreak havoc in Tottenham, endangering life and limb as they looted and set light to properties, businesses and vehicles. The cost of the damage is already estimated to be many millions of pounds, and fearing that the Metropolitan Police will again be overwhelmed by violent criminals, the London Daily News reports that a number of shop owners have formed their own ‘local protection units’. A spokesman for the Green Lanes ‘unit’ told the paper "We do not have any trust in the local police, our shops are next on the target list by the thugs who have ransacked Tottenham, we will protect our property."

That people feel that they need to do this is a shameful indictment of the inadequacy of the police force. Nobody should feel so fearful for their physical safety and that of their property that they feel compelled to form voluntary defence associations, but this is what is happening. This failure to honour the most basic duty of any government – to safeguard the physical safety of citizens and their property and to uphold the rule of law - whilst the ConDem administration prioritises foreign aid and costly wars which have nothing to do with our national interest, indicates that there is something dangerously wrong with the thinking of those in government. To cut police budgets and spending on other essential public services and allowing civil order to disintegrate whilst appropriating our money to spend on their pet projects abroad represents a grotesque abuse of office. Moreover, it is of course not only the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who approve of increasing foreign aid and meddling in overseas conflicts, but the Labour Party too.

It is time that it was made crystal clear that the duty of any government that purports to represent its citizenry is first and foremost to preserve public safety and the rule of law. Without seeking to prioritise and secure these basic preconditions of a stable civil society, it cannot be said to be a government in any meaningful sense of the term. Worryingly, those who have banded together to form ‘local protection units’ in Wood Green, Turnpike Lane and Green Lanes, are said to be Kurds and Turks, or, to put it bluntly, Muslims. If our forces of law and order are seen to be failing so spectacularly, to whom and to what do you think they might turn?

Tottenham High Road Ablaze


  1. The multicultural experiment seems to be working precisely as planned.

  2. You have big words but you are a bit thick . Init though ?

  3. hmmmm multicultural experiment i think if you took the time to read the news bob you would realise these "voluntary defence associations" are groups of turks and kurds....seems somethings working

  4. I'd like to contribute some more news of the London riots, in particular that white native Londoners are being attacked by the immigrant mobs:

    Reporter Witnesses Racial Attacks in UK: below is the story text and there's a video on the page too:

    "While the riots now spreading across London started in many cases along racial lines, most of the looting has fanned out into a flash response from the underclass to lash out against business and snatch-and-grab consumerist goods. At the same time, UK reporter Patrick Henningson was among those who witnessed the brutal violence being carried out on the streets. While he was barricaded inside a local pub, he saw racial beatings carried out by groups of what he described as Afro-Caribbean black youths targeting whites. Meanwhile, the authorities in London are preparing to implement a martial law crackdown on the riots, putting in place greater restrictions on liberties as a pre-planned “response.”


    It is high time that we begin to appreciate how correct Breivik was in pointing out that mass immigration - brought about by politicians - is rapidly destroying the good, decent cultures of Europe and North America.

    He was rightly observing what's happening in his own country - which itself is not far behind Britain and France in letting hordes of immigrants in at the behest of the rich capitalists who want them to drive down wages and working conditions.

    The solution is to stop allowing them in, and to quit electing politicians who betray their own people by opening the floodgates to turn their own country into a Third World - Islamic to boot. They won't be done until Sharia law criminal courts and worse.

    These immigrants, Islamics/Muslims in particular - don't come to 'settle', or 'integrate'. They come and form their own communities or just anarchy. As their percent of the population increases, they turn from a nice curiosity or "diversity" into a force to be reckoned with. They become aggressive and start riots, start pushing for their Sharia courts, etc.

    Islam, their religion, preaches hatred and death to infidels. Women who are not married or who aren't veiled in public may be lawfully raped, stoned or killed. A woman who is raped herself becomes the criminal and is often sentenced to death.

    This is just a part of what they are bringing over. These people, Islamists or not - are desperate and do not share the culture or values of British or Europeans in general. They come from brutal lands where the law of kill or be killed is daily life.

    They are schooled to rape as they please because Islam says they can - and they do! Look at the statistics - you will be thoroughly shocked and horrified as to who the instigators of rapes and robberies are in Norway and Britain.

    The riots we have seen over the last few days in London are a mere beginning for what's coming.

    As the oil runs out and the jobs disappear, there will be a lot of angry immigrants feeling entitled to a fistful of stolen items and a fiery view of your houses and shops burning to the ground.

    The situation will only get worse which is why Breivik sacrificed himself as he did - to sound the alarm all over Europe and through other First World nations about the tide of Islamic immigration, and Third World immigration which is destroying centuries-old cultures that had achieved a social consensus and lasting peace.


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