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Tuesday 2 August 2011

MPs Pushing for Turkish EU Accession

Before proceeding to discuss the above, I would like you to ask yourself the following questions:
  •  Is there a housing shortage in the UK?
  • Are millions of native Britons unemployed in the UK?
  • Are our roads frequently reduced to gridlock or stop-start through sheer weight of traffic?
  • Can we produce enough food to feed our population sustainably? 
  •  Is our rail system overcrowded and overpriced?
  • Can we produce enough energy from domestic sources to supply our existing population?
  • Does concreting over greenbelt and cramming ever more people into our country (particularly England) improve the natural environment or degrade it?
  • Would continuing to increase an already rapidly growing population ease any of the above problems?
With respect to the last question the answer is a clear "no", and that, without taking into account any of the very significant cultural problems that would arise from Turkish accession to the EU, is reason enough for blocking Turkey’s entry.

Although I am against the UK’s membership of the EU, the fact is we are currently a member state and will therefore suffer the negative consequences of further mass immigration and accelerated Islamisation should Turkey join. Moreover, as the parliamentary Home Affairs Committee has highlighted, Turkish accession would also extend the direct borders of the EU to Syria, Iraq and Iran. Turkey’s borders with these neighbouring states are highly porous, thereby permitting a considerable flow of migrants into Turkey from these points of origin and further afield.

As our economy and society are already creaking under the weight of an excessive number of immigrants, many of them unassimilable carriers of Islam, what possible benefit could there be for us in allowing Turkey to join the EU? Contrary to the opinions of David Cameron who is in favour of accession, I would say that rather than Turkey’s membership bringing us benefits, it would bring us only woes. This is not to say that I condemn all Turks, for I do not, but unfortunately the Western-looking and thinking Kemalists are in a shrinking minority within Turkey itself, whereas the backward doctrinaire Muslim population of the country is growing at a rapid rate. I do feel sympathy for the Kemalists, but I am afraid that rather than bolstering their secular traditions, membership of the EU would serve as a means of Islamising currently non-Islamic countries. To allow Turkey in would be to haul a massive Islamic Trojan horse into Europe, and as such, Turkey must remain without the gates.

Although both the Financial Times and the BBC yesterday ran stories with headlines that suggested to readers that Parliament was wavering over Turkish accession – ‘UK panel warns on Turkey EU membership’ and ‘MPs warn over Turkey migrant risk to EU’, the substance of the two articles revealed that the parliamentarians, such as Keith Vaz, simply want to see Turkey’s border controls beefed up before it joins the club. Greece is already suffering terribly from sharing a border with Turkey, with the FT reporting that some 350 illegal immigrants cross the border from Eastern Thrace every day. These aren’t Turks, but Afghans, Pakistanis, central Asians and north Africans.

The BBC cites the committee as estimating the total number of likely Turkish immigrants to the EU at anywhere between 500,000 and 4.4 million by 2030. To me, given our recent experience of immigration from new EU members, these numbers seem to be considerably underestimated. Furthermore, they do not take into account the high birth-rate of Muslim Turks, which is a considerable danger in itself. Demographic Islamisation is not some paranoid conspiracy theory, it is a concrete fact being facilitated by political elites across Europe.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage correctly noted that the aim of the report was to facilitate Turkey’s EU entry rather than to block it, and to portray this in a positive light. His comments suggest that he does not think that this is a good idea, but unfortunately he made no reference to Islamisation, which betrays UKIP’s mainstream view on this matter: 
"If Turkey joins the EU then that's an estimated 75 million people who will be eligible to roam around the union and also come to the UK.
"Our country is already buckling under the strain of its existing population."
To his credit, earlier this year longstanding Labour gadfly MP Dennis Skinner, one of the few in his party to be in the anti-EU ‘Better Off Out’ group (only 17 out of 650 MPs belong to this), stated that Turkey’s entry would stimulate Turkish mass emigration, with many making their way to the UK. As can be seen in the video at the following link, he stated that this would lead to “80 million Turks on the move, and it won’t be two-way traffic”. His attitude contrasts starkly with that displayed by David Cameron and WilliamHague, who are both strong advocates of Turkey’s accession, and this is the mainstream position not only of the Conservative Party, but of both Labour (e.g. witness the strong vocal support form David Miliband who has called for Middle Eastern and North African countries to join the EU and Ed Balls’s refusal to address the Turkish migration issue) and the Liberal Democrats.

Even the Trades Union Congress (TUC) is lobbying hard for Turkey to join, which is odd given that an influx of Turkish labour would further undermine the job opportunities and working conditions of our own citizens. The TUC, like our Westminster political class, is out of touch with the concerns of the ordinary people it purports to represent, and two years ago even launched an initiative to help soft-soap working people with respect to the implications of prospective Turkish mass labour migration.

If you wish to prevent Turkey from joining the EU, please write to your MP outlining why you think that its membership would be detrimental to the future of this country. Join demonstrations against Islamisation. Raise the issue with friends and family. Ensure that as many people as possible are apprised of the facts relating to this issue, for Islamisation is stepping up a gear, and if we don’t stop it soon, our future looks very bleak indeed.


  1. Plus, they will immediately be on the dole, together with their extended families, 4 wives, hundreds of children. You will never be able to see a local doctor, like I was in Newham because of all the Turks/Somalis/Pakis/Arabs etc. We will be taxed more to support the scum, you wont be able to walk in the streets without being attacked by them in their dirty nighties, all food will be halal. I could go on!!

  2. True enough Juniper. I am sure that Rashida Chapti would be delighted to have them as neighbours to her 'patriotic' reunited family all living on benefits, refusing to speak English, demanding halal slaughter and all the rest of the package. Such 'delightful', 'warm' and 'welcoming' folk aren't they?

    People are finally beginning to wake up to what is happening, and something is astir. We will stop the enablers of Islamisation. We will win, irrespective of the efforts of the thousands of condescending, earnest, smug Chakrabartis of this world to prevent us from reclaiming our birthright to live in freedom unencumbered by having to pander to the backward ways of these Islamic colonists.

  3. Rapid Islamisation could occur even before Turkey joins the EU.

    Here's the nightmare scenario where a good proportion of the Muslims already within the EU could be relocated to Britain within a matter of months!

  4. It is indeed a possible scenario Trencherbone. Was it not the case that a number of years ago a considerable number of Somalis moved here from the Netherlands owing to the emergence of the PVV? There's only one good place for Somalis: Somalia.

  5. Where is England's Andrew Berwick when he's so sorely needed?


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