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Monday 1 August 2011

Thorbjørn Jagland denies Reality

As has already been seen with attempts to insinuate links between Anders Behring Breivik and groups such as the EDL, SIOE (Stop the Islamisation of Europe) and prominent counterjihad bloggers (e.g. Fjordman, Gates of Vienna), the multiculturalist establishment is continuing to use the atrocity in Norway to shift up a gear in implementing its anti-indigenous project. It is in this context that the information in an Observer article published on Saturday evening should be seen. Naturally, it should surprise nobody that the Observer, being owned by the Guardian, should seek to capitalise upon Breivik’s act of mass murder to forward its agenda, but confirmation of an ‘elite’ intention to further constrain the already restricted parameters of discourse relating to Islam and the fundamental rights of European peoples themselves, has been signalled by Thorbjørn Jagland, the current Nobel Chairman and General Secretary of the Council of Europe.

Not only is Jagland angry at what is normally pejoratively referred to as ‘far-right’ political discourse about multiculturalism and Islam, but he has also cautioned mainstream politicians across Europe not to use what he describes as “right-wing rhetoric”. Thus, he wants to use Breivik’s actions as a pretext to close down debate about multiculturalism, Islamisation and mass immigration, unless all of these phenomena are framed in glowing terms. The result of such an approach is the inevitable destruction and replacement of all European societies and peoples by immigrants, Muslim immigrants in particular. Jagland’s stance confirms the essential hostility of a transnational ‘elite’ ideology towards the interests and safety of the indigenous peoples of Europe. Moreover, this ideology is unfortunately common to governing circles from Lisbon to Helsinki.

Jagland singled out David Cameron for criticism, claiming that the language that he employed in his Munich speech about multiculturalism was “playing with fire”. He claims that such language is fanning “far-right sentiment”. Cameron, as anyone with a functioning brain knows, is for all of his rhetoric to the contrary a dyed-in-the-wool multiculturalist. The Observer states:
Jagland has also urged leading politicians to change their terminology. He saidthe word "diversity" was better than multiculturalism because thelatter had become defined in different ways by different groups. "We alsoneed to stop using 'Islamic terrorism', which indicates that terrorism is aboutIslam. We should be saying that terrorism is terrorism and not linked toreligion," said Jagland.
So, there you have it: he is calling for a complete denial of the truth. It is therefore incumbent upon those of us who know the reality of the situation with respect to Islamisation that we redouble our efforts to ensure that our message reaches as many people as possible. We must build mass movements across Europe to overthrow these parasitic and harmful elites. They will acknowledge reality, or they will perish politically. We aim to do this via the ballot box and peaceful campaigning, but if political channels are further closed off and people’s concerns about Islamisation are ignored and dismissed as insane rantings, then it is almost inevitable that there will be many more Breiviks. Let us hope that the latter eventuality never comes to pass. It is Jagland and his ilk who are playing with fire, not us.

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