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Saturday 6 August 2011

Different Faces, same UAF Distortions

Yesterday’s posting on the Lancaster Unity website entitled ‘Different faces, same hatred – Breivik and EDL’, serves to remind us that whereas the criminal responsible for the twin atrocities of Oslo and Utøya lies in custody, the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) campaign is resolutely determined to find additional scapegoats here in Britain. Witchfinders always need witches, and UAF being the contemporary collective equivalent of Witchfinder General Mathew Hopkins, is calling forth its helpers to assert that ‘the mark’ has been found that demonstrates the satanic pact between the EDL and Anders Breivik.
“Aye Master Lennon, will ye not confess to consorting with Breivik through spirits aerial? Here, behold the evidence! Are these not the words of one of your mewling familiars? Look you sir! Were pleasantries not exchanged at a distance? Was the corporeal presence of Breivik not summoned up by your spells, by the power of words fascistical? Aye, he suckled at the very teat of fascism and drank lustily of its milk! You Sir bear the mark, for the stamp of the swastika shows despite the denial. Is not denial the very sign of your guilt? We have already slain a griffin, so should we not prove capable of slaying a man? Fascist serpent!

Come followers, let us ride to Tower Hamlets and incite the righteous ire of our Muslim brethren! Let us fan the blaze in preparation for an immolation unto Allah! Saturday 3 September shall be our day, when our cocks shall crow for a new dawn! We shall snort and stamp like bulls, and rend the air with our virtuous cries! “Who’s streets? Our streets! Nazi scum, off our streets! Muslim and gay, unite and pray! Hack our heads off, another day!”
Alternatively, this is how the Lancaster Unity blog would prefer to justify its jamboree of indignation:
UAF has produced a poster – different faces, same hatred – warning that Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by the poisonous politics of the English Defence League.

The poster shows Breivik – a fascist who hates multiculturalism, Muslims and the left – and “Tommy Robison”, leader of the EDL, an organisation of racist and fascist thugs who hate multiculturalism, Muslims and the left.

Breivik boasted of his links with the EDL and was inspired by its ideas. The national demo against the EDL on Saturday 3 September in Tower Hamlets, east London, is a chance to show our opposition to the homegrown racists and fascists of the EDL and our horror at Breivik’s massacre in Norway.

Different Faces - Same Hatred
Ken Livingstone - UAF Chairman

Mohammad Sidique Khan - 7/7 Bomber

Anti-English UAF not welcome in England. Support the EDL in its struggle to combat the Islamisation of England by opposing UAF and its vicious anti-English ideology.


  1. I would urge Tommy Robinson to take UAF to court
    over the clear accusation/lie that you are a racist.Sue them for £2,000,000, seriously. I don't believe they can win this case.

  2. Glad that you liked the piece Leeds Casuals and Juniper.

    Anonymous, your suggestion is an excellent one. UAF's claim that Tommy Robinson is a 'racist' is a highly defamatory and unfounded one, but might not the courts manage to find some overstretched catch-all definition of 'racism', such as the one that basically states that if someone who is not white finds someone’s remarks or behaviour to be ‘racist’, then it is ‘racist’? It is exactly the same sort of ‘logic’ that was employed in witch trials, which is why I drew the analogy. Many people in the UK today, the courts included, are in thrall to a secularised vision of witchcraft called ‘racism’, the alleged practitioners of which are stigmatised with the label of ‘racists’. Just as many women (and some men) were hanged or drowned (and in Scotland burned) for witchcraft during the early modern period with legal approval, does not alter the fact that there was no ‘satanic compact’ or conspiracy and that these people were innocent. Thus it is today with respect to the vast majority of people accused of being ‘racist’.


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