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Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots erupt in Hackney, Peckham and Lewisham

The systematic opportunistic criminality that has brought violence and looting to the streets of London now enters its third night, with disorder spreading to Hackney, Peckham ('Little Nigeria'), Lewisham and Croydon. This is turning out to be a truly terrible night for the capital, with, states the Independent "thousands of yobs" taking to the streets. A later report by the Daily Mail also lists Deptford, Clapham and Harrow as having been blighted by violent disorder. According to the BBC, the riots have also led to the cancellation of football matches at Charlton and West Ham tomorrow.

The picture preceding the videos shows an unidentified building ablaze in Croydon (one, unfortunately, of many). The first video shows a burning building next to a branch of Greggs on Peckham High Road, whereas the second is taken from a Russia Today news report and shows cars and properties ablaze in Lewisham this evening. With unrest spreading to Birmingham and tension reported to be mounting in Leeds, this is turning out to be the most depressing evening that I can recall. Good luck to the police across the country in containing this outbreak of mob hysteria. An overview of the origins of the riots and videos from Saturday evening can be accessed here. Further information and commentary will be posted on this blog as the night unfolds.



  2. Thank the gods my family got me out of there as a child. If not, today I would be a raging monster there.

  3. Not Greggs and the gorgeous pork pies!!!!


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