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Wednesday 21 November 2012

John Humphrys on Pakistani Muslim Grooming

"It is patently the case that Pakistani men are implicated in this [paedophile grooming] more than other groups, isn't it?" So spoke John Humphrys this morning on Radio 4's Today Programme. The interviewee, naturally, batted this aside conveniently ignoring the facts. In September 2011 Humphrys once posed the question as to whether the English Defence League ought better to be described as "the Englishness Defence League". As mentioned previously on this blog, it seems that Humphrys enjoys moments of clarity relating to these issues. More later, but now it is time to head to work.


  1. Hopefully, John Humphrys's slip ups won't get him into hot water with his employers. The Commissars at the BEEB were on top form this week when, in their lead item of the early morning, Radio 3 news found itself compelled to comment that a report into child sexual abuse in the UK had found that 'a third of all abusers were white' -desperately trying to deflect us from the obvious implication as to the ethnicity of the other two thirds!

    1. Yes, it is odd how they choose to emphasise white perpetrators of these crimes whilst failing to draw the listener's attention to the rather obvious fact regarding (so far as available statistics suggest) the non-indigenous background of the bulk of the offenders.

    2. Indeed. Though let's not forget that 'white' is a colour, not an ethnicity. Turks and Kosovans for example, are considered 'white' (or White Other) by those who wish to pull the wool and compel the listener to imagine Tommy Atkins doing the dirty.

      NE Bloke.


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