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Saturday 10 January 2015

Europe’s Cuckoos all a-twitter: ‘Je suis Kouachi’

Last night, the Belgian website ran an article claiming that the top-trending twitter hashtags for Friday 9 January were #JeSuisCoulibaly and #JeSuisKouachi, which, as it notes, presents a rather ‘less positive message’ than the original #JeSuisCharlie that they were modelled upon. That these hashtags proved to be more popular raises the concern that support for their aims, if perhaps not necessarily their methods, amongst large swathes of the Muslim population in Europe is widespread.  

It should be abundantly clear by now, that doctrinaire Islam neither permits nor recognises the principles of freedom of expression and freedom of speech, and that the more people that there are in our countries who hold these views, the less secure our freedoms become. It should now also be equally clear, that this is not some esoteric intellectual debate less relevant to our everyday lives than the economic crisis through which we are living, for it is not only cartoonists, writers and thinkers who are threatened by Islamism, but everyone who does not submit to Islam. All Islamists, irrespective of whether they employ violence or strictly ideological and political methods, desire our submission. It is time that we made clear that we will not submit, and that there should be no place for such people in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, or anywhere else in Europe. A minority of Europeans are bravely protesting and speaking out against the increasing Islamisation of their countries, in the face of unfounded accusations of racism, and the contempt of the leaderships of those political parties who have long advocated and encouraged large-scale immigration from overseas, irrespective of the values of the incoming population.  

Our message against Islamisation must be heard, taken seriously and acted upon. The Islamic cuckoo is growing restive in its European nest, and these tweets should awaken us to the fact that it must no longer be fed and nurtured with ever more emollient words and concessions, but instead ejected.


  1. Excellent sentiments and I agree with them wholeheartedly How anyone of a rational mind in Britain or anywhere else in Europe can't now admit that Islam in our countries poses some significant dangerous is frankly beyond me. I've always enjoyed reading your blog and was disturbed by the interruption of two years! I thought you had died or something else terrrible had happened to you! I've always enjoyed reading your blog and I hope you are keeping well. I very much hope your last two posts are not going to be your last ever. Please keep writing!


    1. Hello Barry. Many thanks for welcoming me back to blogging. I must apologise for my tardy reply, but my internet connection has been terrible these past few days, hence me clumsily trying to type on my phone. I stopped writing as something cropped up, as things do (nothing too terrible, thankfully!), but as you can see, I have started to post again. It's unlikely that I'll be writing as frequently as in the past owing to additional commitments, but I hope to post something at least every week, so watch this space!


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