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Friday 30 January 2015

Halal Slaughter: Cutting England’s Throat

This morning, John Humphrys announced on Radio 4’s Today Programme that the number of sheep and goats killed using either halal or kosher methods without pre-stunning, reached the staggering figure of 2.4 million in the past year. This represented a 60% jump in the number killed in this manner compared to the previous year. Why has there been such a surge? Muslim agitation. Not ‘extremist’ Islamist agitation, but mainstream Muslim agitation 

The Daily Mail revealed that this number, according to the British Veterinary Association, represented 37% of sheep and goats killed using halal methods. Furthermore, nationally the percentage of cattle and poultry killed in this manner has now reached 25% and 16% of their respective totals.  

Let this be crystal clear: a special exemption to animal welfare legislation is granted to halal and kosher slaughterhouses to enable them to kill animals using less humane methods than are available. This is totally unacceptable. How can an alleged 5% of the population that is Muslim, have such a massive impact upon the slaughter practices of our national food industry? How can this minority roll back the tide of progress, and the majority capitulate in such a spineless manner? Are some afraid that if the right to halal slaughter is not granted, that it will be their throats that will be cut, instead of those of the terrified, fully conscious animals that are currently despatched in this manner? How backward, how irrational, how resolutely anti-British, anti-English, anti-European and anti-modern it is, to subscribe to the belief that a muttered Arabic incantation somehow renders this mode of slaughter ‘humane’.  

 If you must eat in an ‘Indian’ restaurant, do not order meat. If you eat at Pizza Express, and profess to care about animal welfare, be aware that all of its chicken is halal. Last year, circa one fifth of Nando’s restaurants were halal, as were 100 KFC outlets. Fancy something from Subway? Unless it’s a pork product, think again, as it could well be halal. If slaughter without pre-stunning is not stopped – completely – those who hold backward beliefs will have triumphed over the values of a more advanced, more humane and enlightened society. Is this progress? No. This is regression. Regression in the name of ‘diversity’, facilitated by the national body politic’s auto-immune disease known as multiculturalism.  

Boycott businesses that sell meat that has been slaughtered without pre-stunning. Sign petitions calling for the end of religious exemptions to animal welfare legislation. Write to your MP, and make your feelings on this issue known. Halal is the thin end of the wedge, as are Shariah-compliant financial products and sundry other areas of law. England, in particular, is being colonised by Muslim settlers and their descendants, and as such is dying; its progressive values slowly bleeding to death beneath the halal butcher’s knife.

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