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Friday, 30 January 2015

Interactive General Election Opinion Poll

Out of curiosity, I have decided to poll blog readers regarding their political preferences in the forthcoming May General Election. This poll is, of course, open to those who have the right to vote in the UK. Unfortunately, I have no means of verifying the citizenship of participants, so must rely upon the honesty of my readers in submitting their responses. If you should happen to tick the ‘Some other Party’ option, please feel free to let me know which party this would be in the comments section of this blog posting.  

So, the question is, which party are you most likely to vote for at the next General Election? I have of course arranged the parties alphabetically, rather than in order of personal preference. The poll opens tonight, and runs for a week. Thereafter, the results will be collated, and a fresh poll, which hopefully will be of interest to readers, will be posted.

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