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Friday 30 March 2012

“By the grace of God” - Galloway’s Bradford West Victory

"By the Grace of God we have won the most sensational victory in British political history" tweeted Galloway upon winning the Bradford West by-election. The bizarre five-word opening of this tweet is not so much indicative of Galloway’s belief that he is some contemporary Cromwell, but of the fact that he fought a campaign in a non-English seat, dominated by the Muslim bloc vote.

Galloway’s win was undeniably dramatic, overturning a comfortable Labour majority and bagging just under 56% of the vote (55.89%). Not only did the Labour vote collapse, but so too did that of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, as illustrated by the following shares of the vote: Labour – 24.99% (-20.36%); Conservative – 8.37% (-22.78%) and Liberal Democrat – 4.59% (-7.08%). The other smaller parties had no cause for celebration either, for the Greens won only 1.47% (-0.85%) and the Democratic Nationalists 1.05% (a marginal fall on the 2010 result). The UKIP and Loony candidates were the only others to increase their share of the vote slightly, with UKIP taking 3.31% (+1.31%).

How and why did this happen? Quite clearly, we should not expect a repeat of such a result for Respect in other constituencies that are not of this type, for Galloway actually took votes from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, whose supporters would never normally dream of voting for Respect, a party that lies firmly to the Left of Labour. Unlike other candidates, he chose to concentrate upon the issue of Afghanistan and calling for the return of our troops (a policy that I happen to agree with) but this would not resonate to such an extent elsewhere.

So, the question has to be asked: why did it resonate here? It did so for an obvious reason, but one which the BBC has not mentioned and would not wish to highlight: the Muslim bloc vote; Muslim voters possess a distinct collective identity and set of policy concerns that are at variance with those of the rest of society. Could Galloway’s victory yesterday represent the ‘maturation’ of a new Muslim confessional politics that sees Muslims willing to vote for a party that represents their specific interests rather than those of the wider society? Galloway may have stopped short of exclaiming “Allahu Akbar!” upon winning the seat, but his “By the grace of God” comment came perilously close. 


  1. Interesting times ahead? Maybe, just maybe this is the start of an Islamic Party, surely something that has been on the cards for some time. The “Respect” party is an ideal vehicle to surreptitiously get a toe in the doors of Westminster. Galloway is the “fall-guy”, the “useful-idiot” that the MSM can lampoon and denigrate, but behind him the real power is in the hands of men with a bigger prize in mind. As the demographic changes come into effect more candidates will be elected in electorates ripe for the picking, funding will not be a problem. In due time the mantle of the “Respect” party will be pulled down to reveal the true identity, Galloway will be discarded. The three main stream parties will have been blind-sided and there will nothing they can do about. The multicultural utopia instigated by the incumbent traitor elite will be the instrument of their own destruction and all done so democratically.

    1. Your observations are apposite, Anonymous. Given Galloway's spectacular result this week and the jubilation on the part of his ethno-confessional supporters, what does this betoken for the local elections in Bradford this May? Having effectively mobilised the Muslim bloc vote on this occasion, he could well succeed in maintaining this momentum and thereby bring about the election of a slew of Islamist councillors. Surely, this ought to shake non-Muslim Bradfordian voters out of their complacency? If it does not, then they could well be in for a shock in discovering who will be determining council priorities and expenditure.

    2. Exactly Durotrogan,to consolidate Bradford is the next logical move. Once Bradford is secure in Islamic control where to next?, another city with a large Muslim population. In our parliamentary system it is the electoral turnout that is key. This democratic takeover would be fascinating to watch, like a slow-motion car crash, if it wasn't so deadly for all us indigenous folk. The political elite just don't get it: "Demography is Destiny", yet they still allow unfettered immigration. "For whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad" is an apt quote for our current so called "elite".


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