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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy: erase the French; respect the Arabs

Nicolas Sarkozy has talked tough on the question of immigration and on dealing with rioters (coincidentally mainly of Maghrebian origin) on a number of occasions, whilst serving either as French Prime Minister or President, whilst repeatedly not matching his words with action. As the presidential race is now effectively underway, the BBC reports that he is now stating that there are too many foreigners in France, and that the country’s system for integrating them is increasingly failing. Thus, offering the French people a message somewhat familiar to British voters from the ‘promise’ of David Cameron to reduce our mass immigration to the “tens of thousands” per annum, Sarkozy has stated that he wishes to reduce immigration from circa 180,000 to 100,000 a year.

Clearly, Sarkozy is making a cynical ploy to undercut support for rival candidate Marine Le Pen of the Front National, who is enjoying a degree of popularity with French electors, but is unlikely to win the presidential race. The issue of mass immigration is becoming increasingly acute for the French because of the serious Islamisation that it is now being inflicted upon French society, for last month it was revealed that all Parisian abattoirs used only halal slaughter. This fact has rightly shocked the native French.

Sarkozy however, is no friend of the French. His ethnic roots of course are not French, so it should come as no surprise that he is a keen advocate of an attenuated and insipid civic version of French national identity. Indeed, if you have not seen it, the video below should give an insight into the true thoughts of Nicolas Sarkozy. Here he can be seen calling for obligatory “métissage”, that is, the interbreeding of the French with non-Europeans, whilst at the same time calling for obeisance to be displayed towards the Saudis and other Arabs. Clearly, Sarkozy is not fit to lead the French people, whom in reality he wishes to see wiped from the pages of history. Hopefully, French electors will realise this, and will not cast their ballots for him in the forthcoming presidential election.


  1. I passionately hope the French don't fall for Sarkozy's blatant attempt at stealing FN votes again like too many of them did last time. He is attempting to do a Maggie Thatcher-style 'we are being swamped' to save himself in the presidential election. The ONLY party that truely cares for the existence and advancement of the French nation is Marine Le Pen's FN.


    1. If only that were to prove to be the case Barry! Unfortunately, Sarkozy is likely to gull a sufficient number of voters a la David Cameron to be able to knock Marine Le Pen out of the first round.

  2. Vote for Marine Le Pen in the first round, fine. But in the presumed second round between Hollande and Sarkozy, Hollande would be an even worse choice.

  3. "...the country’s [France's] system for integrating them is increasingly failing."

    In reality the immigrants are failing to integrate:
    - they went to that country, so they have to fit in with the new country;
    - if they don't want to fit in then don't go there, go back;
    - don't try to make the new country like the old one, otherwise why leave the old one?

    Rather than make French women available to the immigrants in " obligatory “métissage”" (because he made it clear it was only the French who would have to change), why not simply turn away most immigrants by raising the standards required, and re-patriating many of the trouble-makers who simply do not wish to be French?

    (Would it be degrading to suggest that selected immigrant women should be given priority if they mate with French men? Why? Intelligent women anxious to escape from a feudal, misogynistic patriarchal society would probably be more inclined to integrate in the new country.
    And it is, afterall, a more contructive and voluntary choice than the state-sponsored rape that Sarkozy intends to force on the French women.)

    Why is there such a policy push from our 'leaders':
    - to massively increase our populations with violent outsiders (many of whom turn out to be rapists, under-reported in our MSM and official figures) who want to change our civilisation into the primitive one they left?

    1. I agree Derek, it is a perverse situation that pertains both in France and Britain with respect to these matters, and it certainly does possess a distinct gender characteristic, with immigrant men pairing either voluntarily or forcibly with native women. The French need to rid themselves of such troublesome elements by showing them the door.

  4. I have it directly from the mouth of someone who has worked with Sarkozy (the Finance Minister of New Zealand) that, to quote, "Sarkozy is an idiot".

    There was a time when he was considered something new and worthy in the conservative world, but this particularly well informed Kiwi was having none of it.

    1. Nice quote. I have not seen it in The Times yet, but then again, I haven't read the paper since it hid itself behind a paywall. Anyway, it is reassuring to see that someone you know has seen through Sarkozy.


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