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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

British Freedom Party elects new Chairman

Tomorrow witnesses the official announcement of the results of the elections to the Executive Council of the British Freedom Party, including to the post of Party Chairman. When the party was established last autumn, Peter Mullins agreed to assume the role of acting Chairman with a view to functioning as a caretaker during the party’s initial year. That year has now elapsed, and it will be announced tomorrow that Paul Weston has been elected as the new Party Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

Weston is a former UKIP member who stood for the Cities of London and Westminster seat in the 2010 General Election. His primary reason for leaving the party concerned Nigel Farage’s categorical statement that he did not see a problem with Islamisation in the UK (for a concrete example of Farage’s attitude to this phenomenon, see this earlier blogpost on the Sandhurst Mosque). Having discovered the British Freedom Party, Weston found that its policies and general stance towards Islamisation provided a much better ideological fit for his position than UKIP. He is sure that there will be other UKIP members who share his position and who would find a more natural home in the British Freedom Party, as well as supporters of other parties who feel uneasy about this issue and, more importantly, the twin phenomena that make this process possible: multiculturalism and mass immigration. Both must be brought to an end.  

Plans for the coming months will bring surprises, with a high profile public figure planning to join later this month, guaranteeing significant media coverage and providing the party with a substantial opportunity for a relaunch. It would seem that the ‘new’ political party being discussed at the recent meeting of key movements, parties and bloggers concerned with the Islamisation issue turns out to be Weston’s new political home.

It is believed that George Whale will remain a member of British Freedom’s Executive Council, whereas Lee Barnes, Simon Bennett, Peter Mullins and Michael Wood will not. Confirmation and full details will of course follow tomorrow on the British Freedom website.

New British Freedom Party Chairman: Paul Weston


  1. Hello Durotrigan, it is true that I will no longer sit on the EC of the British Freedom Party. Contrary to what is being written elsewhere, I wasn't booted off and there's no 'hostile takeover'.

    I, amongst others, have decided not to seek re-election.

    I will remain a member and activist of what I believe to be a party with massive potential.

    Many Thanks,
    M Wood

  2. Thank you for your comment Michael. What you have written with respect to your decision confirms what I was told, but I wished to leave the finer detail of the announcements to members of the British Freedom Party themselves. I note that you too have picked up on the Green Arrow's erroneous 'analysis' of the situation. Moreover, it would appear that he is labouring under the misapprehension that I am Paul Weston, and that both Weston and myself (given that we are actually two separate people) are 'Zionist' anti-nationalists, which is of course, utter nonsense.

    As you can see from Gary Rumain's comment (granted, he is an Aussie so won't be voting for British Freedom), your remark re the party's potential is an apposite one. I think that this relaunch, after an unfortunately rocky first year, holds much promise.

  3. I agree, Durotrigan. The problems in the first year are something I will always regret. Having said that, what will happen over the coming weeks could not have occurred had we not walked this road.

    As for the British Resistance crowd, I'm sick of trying to explain to them that cultural nationalism opposes everything that is a tenet of cultural Marxism, specifically multiculturalism (which they erroneously believe to be synonymous with multiracialism).

    We go from here.

  4. The BFP needs not just one but several high profile members. It also needs strong financial support. I hope and pray that they get them soon, as time is short.

    However in Paul Weston, they have a man of principles, unlike the professional political apparatchiks that inhabit the main parties, who have betrayed the legacy of our forbears for a few moments of celebrity status.

  5. DP111, I have spoken to Paul and discussed how things might pan out in the coming months. Of course, securing other high profile members possessed of integrity, along with financial backing, will be necessary to secure ultimate success, but I see grounds for optimism here. Quite just why will become apparent in the course of time.

    He is, as you say, "a man of principles", and that counts for a great deal. The road ahead however will not be easy, but at least there is one.

  6. Durotrigan

    The BFP is a party, and then there is EDL, a grass roots movement, that does not have politically savvy leadership(Tommy Robinson apart), and has so far, shown no indication of forming a party.

    In my dream I view a movement that is not only on the streets, but has political structure and ambition. Then I see a moment of civic turbulence that can be taken advantage off. Only in such a situation can the stranglehold of the three main parties be loosed.

  7. DP111, being a peaceable man I must confess to not desiring "civic turbulence", for I think that a political solution to our problems should lie well within grasp without violence flaring on our streets. A peaceful and satisfactory solution to the ills that bedevil our society can be found, but it's not going to be easy to surmount the opposition, which will be determined and deploy every dirty trick in the book that it can.


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