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Friday, 28 January 2011

Guardian reports Islamic Hate Crime Shock (well, almost)

Even the Guardian has felt moved to report on the arrest and charging of Razwan Javed and Kabir Ahmed for handing out leaflets outside of a Derby mosque in July last year calling for homosexuals to be executed. It was also posted through local letterboxes that month. Well, it does seem that such an action is beyond any doubt an incitement to murder. Strangely, the Guardian does not put two and two together and realise that these men were doing nothing more (sick as it was) than calling for the implementation of Qur’anic ‘morality’. This, I am afraid, is the face of true doctrinaire Islam in action, and it’s about time that the doublethinkers at the Guardian awoke to this ugly fact.

The BBC too has reported on the story, but once again omitted to mention the fact that this call for the murder of homosexuals is an integral part of the Qur’an and, naturally by extension, mainstream Islamic doctrine.

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