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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pat Condell blasts Suppression of Free Speech Across Europe

Watch Pat in his latest video letting off a salvo against politicians across Europe for betraying our liberties and values by facilitating Islamic mass immigration and then limiting our freedom of expression so as not to offend aggressive members of this imported minority. Shamefully, the President of the Free Speech Society Lars Herdegaard is on trial in Denmark for highlighting the disproportionate number of rapes committed by Muslim males in that country, bringing to mind the recent story in England demonstrating the predominance of Pakistani Muslim males in the on-street grooming and systematic sexual abuse of underage ethnic English girls. Alas, not only is Herdegaard on trial for speaking out against the unsavoury manifestations of Islam in European societies, but individuals are also currently being tried in Austria and Holland for daring to bring this unpalatable reality to the attention of the public.


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