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Saturday, 4 July 2009

English Defence League Protest

This afternoon the English Defence League, a new group whose formation was precipitated by the Islamist barracking of troops in Luton earlier this year, is planning two protests against the Islamisation of the UK. One is scheduled to take place at 3pm at the Bullring in Birmingham, the other in Wood Green, London.

The Lionheart blogger Paul Ray has provided an interesting insight into the experience of the small band of protesters who marched through Whitechapel on 27 June in the second outing of the English Defence League (the first being in Luton). The Metropolitan Police appear to have been well informed of plans and thus turned up in force. They behaved in an exceptionally intimidating manner, individually photographing and interviewing all participants before telling them that they had to leave London within the hour and not set foot within the M25 for the next 24 hours.

I hope that the protests planned for today pass off peacefully, and wish those brave enough to attend the best of luck in making a public stand against Islamisation. It takes a hardy and brave spirit to stand against the combined might of the state, the mainstream media and the race relations industry, for they will seek to paint you in the blackest and most dehumanising of terms.

The English Defence League has just created its own website which can be accessed from my “Sites of Interest” section. Below is the verbatim text of the League’s homepage:

We are the "English Defence League".

We've originated from the concern's of normal people about the growing threat to our country from militant islam and our aim is to protest and march against islamic militant's operating in our land and the islamification of Great Britain.

Following several protest's against our brave returning soldier's from combat zone's our group has set out to protest against these militant's wherever they appear as our government is too scared and gutless to do anything about it in the fear of being racist.

We have no political preferences and anyone can follow us but i think we can all agree Labour have totally destroyed our country favouring anyone but us, The English working class.

We have marched in Luton and have plan's to march again shortly and recently in london with more march's planned this is only the beginning.

As a new group everything is under construction but shortly there will be no place in Great Britain were islamic militant's and muslim's preaching hatred can go unopposed.

With the Welsh Defence League already up and running plan's for Scotland and Northern Ireland groups at an advanced stage the fightback has now began.

This is not about race or colour it's about having the piss taken out of us.

Check back for update's in the following week's.


  1. good for you 100% behind you and iam not racist just pissed off with muslim extremists and i for one would die rather than live in a muslim state


  3. If you were not all so secular, Islam would not be gaining grounds in your backyard. Most british denies the existence and need for a supreme being. many people black, brown, yellow and white need this and face it, muslims are aggressively spreading their truth to anyone who want to hear! Note that this country spent decades doing the same thing, right back at you!!!

  4. you have a lifelong supporter of your cause here.

    this has nothing to do with racism.

    but it is time we all stood up and stood against the murderous hordes invading our once peaceful and green land who's only intention is to cause mayhem and eventually one day take over.

    we cannot allow this to happen for our childrens sakes.

  5. I have great sympathy with your ideals, but can you please use proper English? Plurals are not plural's with an apostrophe. More than one militant is militants and not militant's. Use the language correctly and you'll gain rather than alienate potential sympathisers.

  6. Hello "Anonymous" number 6 (comment left 6 September 2009 20:12). As you'll see from the section of the text that I wrote (i.e. paragraphs 1-4), I did indicate that the italicised text was taken directly from the EDL website verbatim, i.e. I did not write it, and neither did I correct the many grammatical errors that it contained. That said, I do agree with you that it is important to write decent English. Please peruse the remainder of the site, and if I have committed any outrageous grammatical errors elsewhere, feel free to comment upon them.

  7. God knows, the English have never needed a leader to emerge as much as they do now.

  8. aye aye !!! what you are probably not aware of is most muslims who actually practice their religion correctly would also want to join you as they oppose vehmently islamic extremism bombings etc.i remember the march in luton by a muslim group who opposed the war however i seemed to remember another muslim group confronting them and telling them to get off the streeets as what they were doing was bang out of order !!!
    i have taken this link from a website i have been reading to try and find out myself if islam realy condones terror ?
    however what i have found opened my eyes and showed me there are actually many many muslims out there who in fact the vast majority of muslims are against extremism! if you are sincere you will find this site very beneficial.

    many many times over i have heard muslims are not speaking out against terrorism to the contrary muslims are trying however they dont seem to be getting the platforms they really need !!!

    i hope this post is of benefit in your quest !!!

  9. Bless our troops (& The US boys too),brave boys one & all..


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