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Monday 10 October 2011

Thornhill Protest against Muslim Hate

Congratulations are in order for Thornhill resident Shaun Maddox who last week organised a protest against Muslim attacks on ethnic English pupils at Thornhill Community Science College in Dewsbury. Reports state that between 12 and 20 people participated in a candle-lit protest in Valley Drive just outside of the school as an open evening was in progress, to draw attention to alleged Muslim attacks and to call for the issue to be addressed and dealt with. 

Maddox stated: “There is no community cohesion here at all. There seems to be a barrier between the white community and the Muslim community.” He added: “We need to address these issues and have an open public debate.” That is true enough Mr Maddox, as Muslims, particularly Deobandi ones as found in Dewsbury’s neighbouring Savile Town, look down upon you, your non-Muslim children and me as lesser beings. They see themselves as the lords of humankind. I think however, that you’d find that white Muslim converts would be just as hostile towards us as their melanin-enriched co-religionists.

The Headmaster – Mr Mitchell – rebutted the allegations of the protesters stating: “It’s a concern that people are telling untruths and making these unsubstantiated claims.” Are they “unsubstantiated” Mr Mitchell? They do, after all, seem to conform to a general pattern of young Muslim aggression that manifested itself recently in nearby Bradford with Muslim children stoning buses carrying non-Muslim pupils and the stoning of buses in Dewsbury in 2009. Other attacks perpetrated by Muslims against ethnic English residents, including the stabbing of a fourteen-year-old boy, also took place in the town that year. In another school far removed from Dewsbury in Wiltshire, a local bussing policy resulted in a Muslim gang terrorising a village school and almost killing one pupil named Henry Webster in a vicious hammer attack. To me, given this catalogue of Muslim aggression the allegations of violence directed against English pupils at Thornhill Community Science College should be properly investigated; otherwise, should this be covered up and allowed to fester, it will probably lead to wider-scale Muslim aggression as exhibited at St Bede’s last month.


  1. If the boot had been on the other foot (literally), I think the headmaster would have taken quite a different attitude.

  2. Absolutely. Can you imagine a single allegation of attacks on Muslim pupils passing without a thorough investigation followed by an exercise in collective self-abasement on the part of all non-Muslims within a school? “We are white, English and non-Muslim, so we are guilty!” That would basically be the nub of it. Turn the other cheek, and they will gladly strike it.

  3. I'm French and the same kind of stuff happens here on a daily basis, but the Establishment and the press here (France) even take it a notch higher, by not even reporting such attacks, let alone condemn them, and making mountains out of molehills with minor incidents against the muslims, if not making them up, thereby reversing facts. By doing so, not only do they turn a blind eye on a major public issue, but they become active abettors in the ongoing, rampant process of islamizing France and Europe at large.

  4. Thanks for your comment Leconte. I have seen with my own eyes how some members of your Muslim immigrant population behave in Nice, and I was not impressed. At least the Front National appears to be growing in strength and Bloc Identitaire and other groups are staging interesting stunts to draw public attention to Islamisation.

    In France, England and many other European countries, it seems that the media shares a bias against the indigenous population when it comes to such reports, resulting in the sort of phenomenon that you highlight. It is up to us to ensure that the public hear the other side of the story.

  5. I couldn't agree more with your take on European media, Durotrigan, and that's what make it a tall order for us, as the bamboozling has been going on for years on end now, and people are not always willing to hear (able to think? otherwise.


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