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Monday 10 October 2011

Nick Griffin and the BNP or, more accurately, Nick Griffin is the BNP

This evening’s Panorama was rather interesting and revealing. It is perhaps hard to disagree with the sentiments of one female interviewee who described Nick Griffin as: “An absolute scumbag. I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.”

For years, there have been questions connected to the financial probity of the BNP, and the joint ‘response’ of Griffin and Simon Darby to the arrival of a BBC camera crew to ask questions connected with the abuse of EU funds and other financial irregularities seemed to do little other than confirm that the allegations possessed a firm basis in fact. Why else would Griffin have read a feeble statement to the BBC before promptly fleeing, leaving Darby to handle the questions by not answering them and instead making a fool of himself by thrusting a microphone into the interviewer’s face? The rough ejection of the BBC from the venue underscored that the BNP luminaries within were not looking for reasoned debate or discussion.

Granted, the BBC is intrinsically hostile not only towards the BNP, but towards anyone with the vaguest whiff of British or English national sentiment, but this should not have served as reason for refusing to address the set of questions being fielded on this occasion, which were reasonable enough. What we were effectively treated to was the BNP mimicking the ‘no platform’ policy of UAF by refusing to engage with a hostile interviewer in reasonable terms.

Some nationalists, despite this and numerous other gaffes and structural faults within the BNP’s Constitution, still cleave to the party. It’s about time that they realised that Nick Griffin has absolutely no intention of relinquishing the reins of leadership and that there is only one way that the party will head under him: forever downwards. All decent nationalists still left in the BNP should acknowledge the bitter reality that they now find themselves in, quit the party and select other political vehicles within which to advance the nationalist cause. The BNP has degenerated into a cult of personality, and of a deeply flawed personality at that. It acts as a block to realising our nationalist aspirations, and as such, should be left to die a natural death.


  1. I as a BNP member and supporter am left in a limbo. What alternative vehicle for ethno nationalist principles do we have? UKIP are nothing more than an EU-hating Tory Party with the same globalist economy-wrecking policies as the former and the EDs seem to be totally preoccupied with baiting Jocks and Taffs whilst not accepting the fact that the English are facing an existinal threat to their national survival as an ancestral people in their own country.

    I despair, I really do. Perhaps, God has decided the British aren't worth saving and our fate is sealed.

  2. The problem is there are no other vehicles that promote ethnic nationalism in Britain. Yes, it now seems as though UKIP are going places, and will possibly become the third party now that the Liberal Democrat's supporters are deserting them en masse. However, they are civic nationalists.

    One of the reasons we're in this mess is that Eddie Butler, Lee Barnes and others encouraged people to leave the party - which allowed Nick to win the leadership contest BY NINE VOTES!

  3. Although I'm aware of your lack of faith in the BNP and/or Nick Griffin I am surprised that you have given any credibility to this programme whatsoever and, as a nationalist,that you are foolish and naive enough to do so. Panorama is nothing more than a squalid and deliberate attempt to defame rather than to 'investigate' or 'inform'-and no doubt the impetus and petitioning to make this BNP "expose" ( third time round) originates with Searchlight with whom the producers of Panorama clearly have a political affinity and, very probably, direct communication . To get some disgruntled former member/employee or whoever to scream into the camera "Nick Griffin, I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire" neatly encapsulates the vitriol and hostility of the producers of Panorama and with whom people, who should have more dignity and loyalty to the cause of Nationalism, really have 'danced with the Devil' here. Such a comment really is nothing more than playing to the gallery.

    To have engaged with Panorama in a compliant way would have given this Gable-ised hocus pocus a semblance of credibility. You are in a 'no-win' situation with a programme of this kind , driven as it is not just by a complete lack of balance and objectivity but by a deliberate political purpose. A heavily edited two minutes is all that would have been given to refute 25 minutes of castigation, paper thin accusations and personal "vendettas" against the BNP and Griffin. A "programme" of this type could quite easily be put together about ANY political party , however , that no other political party has been subjected to this, even once let alone three times, says much about the lack of challenge to the political orthodoxy posed by other parties - particularly the 'other nationalist' organisations ( to whom you infer) as it does to the political objectives of the BBC. If any other truly potent nationalist party were to supercede the BNP then it would only be a matter of time before it , too, received the Panorama 'treatment'.

    Griffin is not going to be evasive in answering these accusations - he has no choice but to meet them head on - and he has stated that every one of the issues raised in Panorama will be fully addressed by the party on its website. Note also that far from evade questions put to him , Griffin has challenged the BBC to allow him and other party officials the opportunity to discuss Panorama's charges against him and those other party officials implicated in a live (and thus uncensored) interview on Newsnight. To my knowledge the BBC have refused to allow the BNP this opportunity to explain themselves in a fair and balanced way. This is the norm.
    Must dash now to catch up on the BBC's last week's dollop of diversity promotion; 'Mixed Race Britain'.

  4. Dear Unrepentant; in a recent by-election in the Newcastle -Under- Lyme in Staffordshire, the BBC's favourite and "respectable" 'right wing' party, UKIP's vote slumped from over 20 odd per cent of the vote to 4% of the vote.

  5. Dear Anon @ 22:45,

    I believe that to be a minor setback. UKIP will become the party of protest for many, because there is no other real opposition to the Lib/Lab/Con.

    In the last European elections the party finished third, and only just behind Labour. Of course, the European elections are the party's most fertile contest. However, I believe that more and more traditional Tories will turn to them due to the euro currency crisis, Cameron reneging on a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty and the fact he's squandering billions on foreign aid and failing to limit immigration.

    If only Brons had won the leadership contest...

  6. Yes, Eddie Butler has a great deal to answer for. Whilst being a BNP activist, I came across him on a few occasions and I was always a little bit suspicious about him. He reminded me of a police inspector. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that he was a member of Special Branch/MI5. What a stupid thing to do to encourage BNP members to resign from the party! Nick Griffin probably only held on due to the fact members followed Butler's advice!

  7. Anonymous number 1, I appreciate what you are saying. UKIP are Atlantacist Tories, their primary positive point being that they’d take us out of the EU. That’s about as far as it goes so far as what’s good about them. With respect to the English Democrats, I share your dislike of the apparent petty-mindedness of some of its members with respect to the Scots, Welsh and Irish, ditto their readiness to slag off other Europeans, particularly Poles, whilst largely leaving untouched the real problem immigrants in our country who are non-white and non-European.

    Don’t fret about supernatural punishments or otherwise. That’s at least one thing that we can safely discount!

  8. UBN, you are correct: there are no other viable political vehicles that overtly promote ethno-nationalism within the UK. As for UKIP, it may be necessary to lend them votes in an effort to get out of the EU, but I don’t like the habitual Blimpish anti-Europeanism (i.e. the dislike of our European cousins as peoples) displayed by some UKIP members.

    If those BNP members you have named and others had remained rather than left, are you of the opinion that Griffin would have lost the vote? Nine votes? Would it still have been nine votes? I don’t know.

  9. Anonymous number 2 (come now, surely it is you British Activism? Do I not recognise your voice in these words? Welcome!), I think that I have been straight enough in providing my impressions on the programme and am fully aware of the machinations of Searchlight et al. However, surely it is self-evident that it was foolish for Griffin and Darby to have behaved in the manner that they did? How could this possibly have been perceived as anything other than an inadequate, slippery and suspicious response on the part of the pair?

    You should know well enough by now that I am for rather than against nationalism, which is why it pains me to see certain figures needlessly wrecking its prospects in this country at a time when it should be thriving. Whether this is through accident or design, only time will tell.

    As for the ‘Mixed Race Britain’ programming, I gave it a wide berth. At my age I need to think about my blood pressure!

  10. Anonymous number 3, thank you for pointing out UKIP’s often low electoral performances outside of the EU elections. UBN does make a good point in his response vis-à-vis the prospective future behaviour of disgruntled Eurosceptic Tories. Will it be enough to secure meaningful support for UKIP? Much depends upon what happens within the EU in response to the ongoing economic crisis. Cameron and Hague have made it quite clear that they wish to see us firmly anchored within the EU, so what happens if many of the other member states move towards closer union?

  11. Anonymous number 4, are you of the opinion that Griffin has led the BNP to its current impasse through political ineptitude, or because, as some assert, he is essentially what you think Eddie Butler may be?

  12. Anonymous number 4 here. I think that Griffin isn't a member of the security services but is just incompetant. However, I believe that Patrick Harrington and perhaps one or two others may well be. It seems as if he or possibly others within the higher echelons of the party are connected to the security services and they may have something on Griffin which is why he has been so inept for the last two yearsin general and the last year or so in particular.

  13. Hi there Durotrigan.....

    I am just off to bed for the night, so cannot be long - but after catching up on a few sites tonight, I have just gone through the comments here and would like to clarify that 'anonymous 2' was not me!

    The style of writing might be a bit similar and the length is usually a bit of a giveaway (lol) - but seriously, it was not myself, and it does not really echo my own positions or narrative on the programme.

    I thought I had best let you know.



  14. Oops! Apologies are in order B.A. I feel suitably humbled and rather foolish. Anyway, I am relieved that what I wrote did not give rise to objection on your part.

  15. I am hoping that you can see your way to adding a link to my blog Martyn Findley (Nationalist) to your blog somewhere. Your link is already active on my site.

    keep up the good work in any case.



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