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Thursday 13 October 2011

Saudi Dawah Centre opens in Vienna

What is the Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue? Under the cloak of ‘interfaith dialogue', the Saudis are using their vast fund of petrodollars to facilitate Dawah in the heart of Europe, in the hope and the expectation of the conquest by stealth of a city that twice repelled armed Muslim hordes in 1529 and 1683: Vienna. Whereas Muslim military might previously failed in the face of steadfast European resistance, the city gates have now been jammed firmly open to admit Muslims and their ideology, and those who would shut the gates and save the Austrians from dhimmitude, are vilified and slandered as Nazis by their compatriots.  The latter have been driven out of their senses, having drunk deep from the well of self-loathing, and internalised an ethno-masochistic cultural relativism that has found expression in the official dogma of multiculturalism. All that is white, male and European is denigrated. Freedoms hard won, are about to be thrown away through a sense of irrational and utterly misplaced ‘guilt’. 

The sons of Saudi Arabia, the fountainhead of Salafist hate, are sly, and intelligent enough to recognise which weaknesses they should play upon when dealing with Europeans. On the crudest level, their vast wealth can purchase the acquiescence of those who are willing to trade their principles, yet money alone cannot, thankfully, win over all. Where money fails, they seek to project their soft power via other means, and they have astutely identified European self-hatred as the Achilles’ heel of the continent’s peoples. Furthermore, they have learned to couch their barbaric demands in the language of ‘tolerance’ and ‘human rights’. Naturally, their twisted interpretation of these words leads them to signify the converse of that which they originally represented. ‘Tolerance’ for whom and of what?

Why does Vienna need to host a centre to ‘interreligious and intercultural dialogue’? Should not such a centre have been established in Riyadh instead of in Europe? It was Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi Foreign Minister, who opened the centre today, and its real intent was revealed by his statement that its function was to combat “extremist minorities within every religious and cultural community . . . seeking . . . to propagate notions of intolerance, exclusion, racism and hatred.” Note especially those last four words, conjoined with the formulation “cultural community”. He is making a direct demand for Europeans to open their borders to Muslim colonisation, insinuating that any objection to this on the part of our “cultural communit[ies]” (i.e. nations)  should be combated. His claim that this Centre will make Saudi Arabia a more tolerant society is utterly risible.

How far does the Centre’s ‘tolerance’ extend? Not very far it would seem. An Associated Press report states that:

What lies this Saudi Minister freely speaks! How tolerant his home country is! So ‘tolerant’ that women are unable to drive and apostasy is punishable by death. If the Americans truly were fighting a ‘war on terror’, they would have declared war on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan long ago, but they are not. Now that it has been opened, I eagerly await the announcement of the closure of the Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue. 

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  1. Muslims are generally suspicious of atheists from other cultures - they are allowed to marry Jewish or Christian women, but not atheist women... they are taught to respect "People of the Book", but not atheists. Do they prefer believers of other religions, as they would be easier to control, via a clergy submitting to the Religion of Peace?

    If I was a Muslim, I would probably prefer to be dealing with a "turn the other cheek" Christian than a Pat Condell or Christopher Hitchens - for whom God or any supernatural power is not an argument.

    Then again, I worked with a Muslim who would regularly say "I don't believe in God" - before starting a standard Arab rant about Jews and Americans. This the "no compulsion in religion" the Koran mentioned in the Koran?

    Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan (recently given an award by the Saudi King for his "services to Islam") once read a poem that said "The mosques are our barracks, the minarets are bayonets, the domes are helmets and the Muslims are our soldiers."... what does he mean by a soldier? Did an American landing in Normandy on D-day need to be an expert in American history? well, it may have helped motivate him... but if he fought well without this knowledge, it was not a requirement.

    Similarly - to Islam faith is NOT the be-all and end-all... rather, it is loyalty to one's "brothers" (for Muslims), and a willingness to obey (for non-Muslims)... for which submissive Infidel clergy (not ALL clergy - but the one approved by Muslims) and their followers may be very useful. Hence the preference for followers of organised religion in the new "interfaith centre"?


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