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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

TUC Pushing for Turkish EU Accession

An email arrived today from Unionlearn entitled "Working Together Trade unions in Turkey and the European Union" (inconsistent capitalisation and dodgy grammar preserved from the original). It made no attempt to hide that its intent is to facilitate the accession of Turkey to the EU, and to thereby open up the British labour market to limitless numbers of Turkish Muslim immigrants. The email is relatively short, so I shall quote it in full with original grammatical errors preserved, for its contents are highly revealing re the anti-democratic intentions of the TUC and its desire to mould the opinions of affiliated union members to enable the implementation of a plan that evidently has already been decided upon. The following italicised text is reproduced verbatim:

The European Trade Union Confederation is supporting an important and ambitious project Civil Society Dialogue: bringing together workers from Turkey and the European Union through a shared culture of work, and your trade union organisation is one of the project partners.

The aim of the project is to reinforce contacts and mutual exchange of experience between the trade unions of Turkey and trade unions of EU Member States, with a view to ensuring better knowledge and understanding of one another.

One way of assisting this process is to identify and address existing impressions and prejudices that Turkish and EU workers may have of each other.

This is why the ETUC and your organisation are interested in your opinion and would like you to dedicate a few minutes to filling in this questionnaire.

Download questionnaire:

If you should be so moved, visit the above site, complete the questionnaire and send the completed item to Sean Bamford at Congress House. However, I daresay that you may well be branded by the researchers as possessing certain prejudices that need to be dispelled and corrected by orthodox thinking (i.e. doublethink). "Prejudice" is a peculiar term to employ with respect to Islam, for the more I have learned of it in terms of its core texts, philosophy and practice over many years, the more I have come to find it utterly repellent. My attitude should therefore be more accurately rendered as post-judice, for I have made up my mind having examined the evidence. The TUC however, is not interested in promoting truth; it is interested in promoting politically correct ideology.

Whatever the nature of the majority of the responses that this questionnaire elicits, you can be sure of the fact that they will have no influence whatsoever upon the intentions of the TUC and the wider ETUC. Their course is set upon Turkish EU accession and the further demographic destabilisation and Islamisation of our European homelands that this would be certain to engender.

As well as the socialist shibboleths about equality, international class solidarity, combating racism and Islamophobia (sic), the trade union leaders will employ the specious argument re the need for a young workforce to compensate for an aging European population. The UK, the Netherlands and many other European states already possess populations in excess of their long-term carrying capacity, and if the shock of Peak Oil finally arrives before a new source of readily usable and cheap renewable energy is harnessed, we will struggle to feed the population that we already possess.

The justification of mass immigration rests upon the logic of the pyramid scheme, for the young immigrants in turn will grow old and require younger carers. Even if they were culturally compatible, such as Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians and Serbs, the question of numbers alone would in the long term cause us all to sink into immiseration. Given that the proposed main source countries and regions of future mass immigration are Islamic (Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East and of course places with so-called traditional links such as Pakistan and Bangladesh) our future will not be one in which we are cared for in our dotage, but one in which we will be treated either as dhimmis (if we are lucky), geographically displaced or murdered.

If you are a trade unionist, please acquaint yourself with the reality of Islam: it is an imperialist creed of violence and implacable intolerance, not a religion of peace as its apologists claim. There are of course many secular Turks who care little for Islam, but they are fighting a losing battle in their homeland. Let us by all means provide such good people with our verbal and moral support, and co-operate in the international sphere with those Turkish representatives who embody positive non-Islamic values, but let us remain as independent nation-states. We must leave the EU and we must regain control over our national borders. The old political categories of Left and Right are redundant. The new primary axis of political moblisation and affiliation is that of nationalism versus globalism. In the UK, only one political party possesses positive nationalist solutions to the problems that the country faces: the BNP.

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