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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Today Programme is Barking Mad

This morning's report on the electoral campaign in Barking was as far removed from the BBC's obligation to be impartial as could be imagined. The Today Programme reporter did his utmost to talk up Margaret Hodge's prospect of winning the seat and sought out as many voters as possible who had something negative to say about the BNP. He also made the most risible comment of the parliamentary campaign that I have heard so far - that many in Barking may be considering voting Liberal Democrat in order to deal with its housing problem! As the Liberal Democrats wish to provide an amnesty to an estimated 1.1 million immigrants and would wish to see many more immigrants flood into the country, any indigenous voter considering casting their ballot for this party should have their head examined. The Liberal Democrats would give priority in housing allocation to any immigrant family/individual which they deemed to have greater legitimate needs than the local population, leaving the latter to rot.

Unsurprisingly, owing to the BBC's unrelenting hostility towards the BNP and its associated tendentious distorted reporting of the party, Richard Barnbrook refused to allow the Today Programme the opportunity of interviewing Nick Griffin or any of the BNP team working in the constituency. The manner in which this report was conducted could readily be interpreted as an attempt by Radio 4 to subvert the democratic process in Barking. My message to the disgruntled voters of Barking is this: if you want your situation to change for the better, vote BNP and return Nick Griffin to Westminster, for the other parties don't give a damn about you and will definitely place the needs of immigrants before yours.

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