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Friday 7 May 2010

Shahid Malik loses Seat!

This is excellent news. The gloating Islamo-supremacist Shahid Malik has been ousted from his Dewsbury seat by Conservative Simon Reevell. Although the Tory share rose by a modest 3.3%, Malik's dropped by 8.4%. Much of this drop I suspect was the result of Khizar Iqbal's candidature. Evidently many of the towns Muslims opted to vote for this man instead. Disappointingly, the BNP vote slumped considerably here by 5.2% to 6%. Part of the reason for the decline must have been that many non-Muslim voters desperately wished to be rid of Malik, and who can blame them. Good riddance Shahid. The results in full are:

Simon Reevell (Conservative)                      18,898     35.0    +3.3
Shahid Malik (Labour)                                17,372     32.2     -8.4
Andrew Hutchinson (Liberal Democrat)       9,150      16.9     +3.2
Khizar Iqbal (Independent)                          3,813       7.1      +7.1
Roger Roberts (British National Party)         3,265       6.0      -5.2
Adrian Cruden (Green)                                   849       1.6      -0.5
Michael Felse (English Democrats)                  661       1.2     +1.2

Majority 1,526      2.8

Turnout 54,008     68.5     +9.2

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  1. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best news from the election.


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