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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Voting Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat? Don't!

Thinking of voting for Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats? Why would you wish to vote for these clone parties? Watch this and think again. If you are an indigenous Briton and have any self respect, how could you bring yourself to vote for them when it means your self-abasement and submission before Islam and other races? Do you really hate yourself and your own people so much? Wake up! They care not for you, and they'll deliver us into a state of servitude in our own land if you let them. For the sake of your children and your grandchildren if not for yourself: vote nationalist. Vote BNP.


  1. Simon Hughes will be safe. Harry Harperson too. Damn, like Somalia is a rogue State, Southwark is a rogue borough.

    Bet most of my neighbours are on 'benefits' of some kind, probably free crystal meth too.


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