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Saturday 1 May 2010

Simon Hughes: Dhimmi Traitor

If you are considering voting Liberal Democrat and you are not a Muslim, think again.Watch this video of leading Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes prostrating himself before Islam. The man is demented. As he is a self-declared bisexual, he'll be finding himself thrown off of the nearest 'mountain' should the Muslims he is sucking up to take power during his lifetime. He gushes emotionally before his audience, praising Allah and Islam. The Liberal Democrats wish the UK to be Islamised. They want a deluge of Muslim immigrants. Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes in particular, hate political borders: "We must end this nationalism. . .  We are God's people, and God knows no boundaries. . . You are not strangers, you are not aliens, you are part of this country."

His speech gets even worse: "We want you to be the leaders. . . . We need you to lead our politics and we want you to come forward to be part of that political leadership in this country." He wants to see Muslim ministers and a Muslim Prime Minister. We expect this sort of Islamic supremacism from a Muslim politician such as Shahid Malik, but from a Liberal Democrat? Simon Hughes has lost the plot. If the Liberal Democrats do hold the balance of power in a week's time (which in all likelihood they will) brace yourself for a rapid upping of the tempo in the Islamisation of our country, for whichever of the mainstream parties form the Government, there will be more legislation privileging Islam and removing our right to self-defence from this predatory totalitarian ideology.

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