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Monday 3 October 2011

The Politics of the eternal Mirage

The Conservatives will bring us a referendum over EU membership! The Conservatives will scrap the Human Rights Act! This, so the Daily Mail and Telegraph would have you believe, is what is going to happen. Really? David Cameron gave his “cast-iron” guarantee that we would be allowed a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and the Conservatives in office have pledged to cut immigration to the UK to “the tens of thousands”. What happened? You know well enough: no referendum over Lisbon, and the first year of the Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition witnessed an increase in net immigration to the UK.

The Daily Mail’s near-hysterical jubilation over an announcement that there would be a debate in the House of Commons over whether or not to hold a referendum on EU membership would have the reader think that the UK’s withdrawal from the emergent superstate was a done deal. Quite clearly, it is not, for other than the miniscule cross-party ‘Better off out’ group (despite its title, it should not be confused with anything to do with Peter Tatchell’s hobbyhorse) in the Commons, who is there who would wish to ‘risk’ the public expressing its desire to leave the EU? Next to nobody. Both William Hague and David Cameron have been quick to stress their belief in the benefits of EU membership. The reality is, the only elements of the EU which they would like to see removed are those which accord some form of protection to people in low-paid and precarious employment. 

Theresa May says that she supports scrapping the HumanRights Act. This is about as meaningful as Obama saying that he supports a manned mission to Mars. Both May and Obama feel favourably predisposed towards these eventualities, but both know that they don’t stand a chance of coming about whilst they’re in office. Whereas the prospects of a manned Mars mission are held back by a combination of an absence of financial resources, an ailing NASA and a lack of real political will, the repeal of the Human Rights Act is blocked by the visceral opposition of the Liberal Democrats. Any move to jettison the act could put the Coalition in jeopardy, and that is why it is going to stay in force.

Thus, in an effort to portray the Conservative Party in a favourable light, both the Mail and the Telegraph have in effect run two ‘non-stories’ over the past week, tapping into the frustrated desires both of typical Tory voters and of the wider British public. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Conservative talk about these matters and its reporting in the slavishly obedient Tory press should thus be perceived as nothing more than populist mood music intended to improve the image of the Conservative Party rather than being indicative of any actual intent, let alone impending political action. This, naturally, is highly cynical and what we have correctly come to expect of the careerist politicians in our mainstream political parties. This is the politics of the eternal mirage: the mirage of democracy.

Is the Conservative Party a nationalist party? No. Is the Conservative Party a patriotic party? No. Is the Conservative Party the cod-British façade of globalist financial oligarchy? Yes!


  1. Very wellsaid, Durotrigan. The CONServative Party who I used to be a supporter of before I realised their true nature (thanks John Major!) are just another globalist internationalist party like the others although one which is primarily interested in securing advantage for the most financially secure parts of our society.

    Infact, I don't really regard the Tories, Labour or Lib Dems as separate parties. It is best to think of them as merely various factions of a single globalist and internationalist party.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. The hard task is getting a few million additional voters to realise the reality of the globalist nature of the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties and to vote against them. In whose interests do they operate? Not ours, that's for sure.

  3. politicians lie like i breath.
    i'll believe it when i see it.
    we may have a legal system that insists inocent untill proven guilty, but i'm not prepared to give the politicians the benefit of the doubt.
    they've made a habit, if not a living, lying to us, i don't expect them to change too soon.

  4. Would this be the type of referendum where the only thing the Eurocrats do when the people vote No is to start scheduling another referendum? Keep flipping the coin until it comes up heads.

    It seemed to work with the Irish. I can't imagine it going down well in Albion, though.

  5. Durotogian, I think they operate in their own interests (as can be seen with regard to their attitude to EU withdrawal ie we mustn't close off future job opportunities in Brussels) and in the interests of those that fund them ie the City of London and big business in the case of the Tories and the Trade Unions in the case of Labour).

    Nationalist parties need to refer to them constantly as the globalist troika ie the Lib/Lab/CON party.


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