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Sunday 2 October 2011

Luton’s vibrant video ‘Welcome’

Whilst we basked in belated summer’s welcome heat, the benign Sun beaming from on high, the malcontents of Luton troubled the eye with their shrouded forms, and the ear with their jarring speech and chanting foul. Bearded, wishing to be heeded, their presence, most certainly unneeded, imposing their message upon the passers-by, who would far sooner avert the eye, and hurry to some other place, for this was hardly to their taste. Why? Why should this have been? A parade of Muslims, once more obscene, described in doggerel, yet real, not another bad dream. In Bury Park they barked their chants, “Allahu Akbar” and sundry rants, about two Muslimahs stripped and searched, upon terror charges as is the policeman’s work.

These people go by many names, and show us kuffar but fierce disdain, but we shall not flinch from their parades, whether it be Al-Mahajiroun or Muslims Against Crusades. In other words, the stirrers were at it again in Luton’s Bury Park yesterday as shown in the video below. Welcome to Luton? No thanks. Is Stevenage any better?


  1. I can't quite read their signs, but they refer to "Hell" - apparently it is OK to display these in the streets, but forbidden to display Bible verses in a Christian cafe in Blackpool. (?)

  2. The signs are a bit indistinct aren't they? These people do seem to be very keen on the concept of "Hell" however, which perhaps explains why they are so intent upon creating it here on Earth and are doing a pretty good job of it in parts of many British cities, as well as elsewhere of course.

  3. Throw some pork at them. Then watch them run like dogs.


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