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Saturday 29 September 2012

Video: Police and EDL Clash

Why did some members of the EDL clash with the police in Walsall today? This was idiotic behaviour on the part of those who engaged in it.


  1. Maybe there was an element of provocation from the Plods in order promote dis-harmony and justify their presence?

    Laurie -

    1. Perhaps, to some extent. It is always hard to tell when you are not there yourself. That said, if such provocation did take place, they should not have risen to it.

  2. Not for the first time have PC Plebs resorted to the use of force against political demonstrations. What is the answer to this repressive type of policing? Numbers! Its as simple as that. When the states enforcers are faced with 500,000 instead of 500 then they will soon realise that they will get some back in double measure. Could that ever happen? Yes! The European Union is collapsing before our eyes. Its promise of economic prosperity is fast becoming a hollow promise. Vast numbers of people are on the streets of Greece and Spain. No jobs! No Money! No future! Two years, Three years, Four years, Five years, the crisis could soon be here in UK. Then what will our 'friendly bobbies' do then? Maybe they will have to learn some respect and humility very quickly.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Muslims in England Admit..”We Had Infiltrators at EDL Demo Creating Violence”

    from a comment at Vlad Tepes blog.

    how true?
    impossible to tell at the moment.


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