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Saturday 14 July 2012

Keighley: Muslim Paedophile Grooming Arrests

It seems that the suspicions voiced in yesterday's brief report relating to the arrest of ten men in the Bradford area for unspecified "sexual offences" have proven to be well founded, for the Telegraph and Argus today reveals that the ten have been arrested "as part of an ongoing investigation by West Yorkshire Police, which is believed to be linked to sexual grooming." Eight of the ten are residents of Keighley and "community leaders" (code for Muslim) are said to have been consulted before the arrests took place on Wednesday. Two Muslim Labour councillors - Abid Hussain and Khadim Hussain - are quoted in the article, with Abid stating: "The police have done what they should be doing in arresting these people. It is disappointing. However, I fully support the police and will work with them." It would be helpful if the councillor made clear what he meant by "disappointing", and hopefully it means that he is appalled by the crimes.

The victim of this latest alleged paedophile grooming ring is said to be a 14-year-old girl from Keighley. It could be that this case may relate to one publicised by the Keighley News in 2010, in which an unnamed father expressed his despair at the failure of police and social services to protect his daughter from a Muslim paedophile gang who plied her with cocaine and cannabis, reducing her to a "sombre, scared shell in less than six months." This, unfortunately, is no isolated case, for Keighley is no stranger to this phenomenon, for it paid host to one of the most notorious cases of this type in the early 2000s which involved the abuse of local girls by at least 60 Muslim men

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