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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Spiteful attempt to blight the prospects of a young band: Tennysons made to recant

Starting up a band and securing gigs on the circuit can be a tough business, and many obstacles present themselves to aspirant musicians without the interposition of individuals or groups of people who take a perverse delight in stymieing creativity in the name of cant of one form or another. A young indie group from Leicester named The Tennysons appears to have fallen foul of the self-appointed ‘moral’ guardians of our post-national era – UAF – specifically its Leicester branch, for its scowling arbiters of what may and may not be said or thought have pronounced an anathema upon the group, designating it as possessing dubious and implicitly ‘racist’ sympathies. Why? Quite simply because one of the group’s members once attended an EDL event some 16 months ago. For the UAF inquisitors of course, this constitutes grounds enough to damn someone for eternity.

The band has not been accused of employing ‘racist’ lyrics; no members of the band have been accused of making ‘racist’ statements either verbally or in print, and yet members of Leicester UAF have taken it upon themselves to try and humiliate members of this band and force them to make a public recantation of any sympathies with the EDL or the latter’s position. In order to do so, Leicester UAF have not employed reason, but a dirty underhand campaign, alleging that its members are ‘racist’ and spreading rumours around Leicester’s music scene thereby ensuring that venues have cancelled Tennysons gigs and thereby threatening to ruin the band. The Leicester Mercury states that ‘A number of the band's shows have been cancelled in the past few weeks as venues became aware of the allegations against the band.’ Moreover, it quoted Joel Lavender of the Soundhouse as saying "All of the venues are pulling them from their bills because of these allegations.”

Quite clearly, the members of Leicester UAF have some explaining to do and some apologies to issue. By making defamatory allegations about The Tennysons, they have after all inflicted significant damage upon the band, and the latter would be justified in seeking financial redress for the snide and baseless insinuations of Leicester UAF, whose spokesman Tom Mycroft told the Leicester Mercury: 
"Everyone is entitled to make mistakes when they're young and they have made a statement against the EDL. I hope they are sincere about it."
Mycroft’s statement suggests that he is no longer of such tender years, and given this fact, he must know that the tactics that he and his confederates have employed against this young band were dirty and underhand. The manner in which members of Leicester UAF have behaved has proven to be far more revealing about them than the targets of their smear campaign, for the former have displayed a totalitarian mindset that is willing to brook no dissent, and to crush any who seek to display a different perspective or take on social questions. What this story proves beyond any doubt is that Leicester UAF does not support the concept of a free and open society where we may enjoy the right of free speech and artistic expression, whereas it proves nothing about the moral integrity of The Tennysons or any one of their members. Evidently, UAF will not approve of Tennysons song titles such as ‘England belongs to me’ as all members of the band are English. For UAF to give its approval to such a song, those singing it would have to be non-indigenous, preferably of non-European and Muslim stock.


  1. Disgusting.

    These snidey, cowardly bully boy tactics have been employed by the far left for years.
    Freedom of speech and artistic expression - so long as you adhere to their twisted ideology.

    Tom Mycroft needs to be challenged to explain why he feels he has the right to tell others what they are and are not entitled to listen to, or even believe in.

    1. Well Cygnus, it seems that a site called which appears to be some sort of Anarcho-Syndicalist/Anarcho-Communist platform has been taking The Tennysons to task and forcing the latter to pledge themselves to the 'anti-racist' cause as can be seen from the discussion at the following thread:

      The site's commenters truly are an odd bunch who for some reason describe Thilo Sarrazin as 'far right' (a senior social democratic politician 'far right'?) and compare me to Himmler! Just the sort of people, I think, who would have concurred with Stalin's disgusting stigmatisation of Polish patriots who rose up against Nazi occupying forces in Warsaw in 1944 as 'fascists'.

  2. This type of tactic would have no effect if people just ignored them. Is it too much to ask for the promoters and venue owners to just tell the UAF to get lost?

    1. It's a bit tricky, as the latter have been known to threaten violence and, as Ivan Winters has pointed out below, there are also other legal means of enforcing their diktat.

  3. Very well written article there and it just about covers exactly everything i was thinking! Well done

  4. Anonymous said 'Is it too much to ask for the promoters and venue owners to just tell the UAF to get lost?'

    That is not as easy as it seems ! It used to be easy when the police who have to handle any complaints against a licensed premises were genuinely neutral, non political and licensing decisions were made by licensing magistrates. The problem now is that if a licensed premises owner has been accused of allowing 'racist' bands to play on their premises various persons of ethnic minority origin and various 'lefties' will complain to the police. The police will warn the licensee to make sure that there are no further 'incidents'. If matters go further instead of the neutral licensing magistrates licensing matters are now handled by politicians on the local council licensing cmmttee. Don't forget that there are some cllr's elected to local councils, usually Muslim cllrs, on a campaign platform in their wards of trying to shut down as many pubs as possible. Such cllrs can even be appointed to the licensing cmmttee !!

    To take just one example from my own knowledge. My local is The Fire Brigade Southfield Lane. Last year a very inexperienced young woman was licensee. She and her boyfriend decided to hold a retro music evening. She and her boyfriend had previously managed a pub, The Westfield Hotel in Wyke, South Bradford. The pub was popular with lads from the Wyke Council Estate including some EDL supporters. Some of her previous regulars came to The Fire Brigade to support the music event. A fight started in the asian takeaway across the road, a brick was thrown at the pub window. The police turned up in a van and stormed the pub. A CS gas cylinder was discharged in the pub (which is a breach of police regulations !). Five people were arrested. The entire incident was started by an allegation by an Asian in the takeaway, an uncorroborated allegation, that someone from 'the pub' had stolen his mobile phone. The licensee had never been involved in a previous incident but for this incident, misshandled by the police, she got a final warning !!

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalists

    1. Ivan, the tale that you relate above is very disturbing. Quite staggering. Was it covered in the local press at all?

  5. uaf are fascist scum.
    Stalin must be feeling nice and warm in his coffin knowing that like minded individuals thrive in the corrupt west.

    1. Although the leading members of UAF are generally Trots, Stalin would undoubtedly have approved of such measures.

  6. "uaf are fascist scum.
    Stalin must be feeling nice and warm in his coffin knowing that like minded individuals thrive in the corrupt west".

    bilbo, you are of course correct. He even had his own pet name for them - 'useful idiots'.

    I think 'useless idiots' is far more apposite.


  7. In a nutshell, the UAF is fascism with a halo.

  8. I think it's more the case that promoters are dripping them because they are terrible. Easily one of the worst bands I've ever seen.

    Plus they have a founded reputation for causing trouble at venues. I saw them in London last night and the promoter has vowed not to book them again and recommend to others they do not too. After the gig they started a fight with a fellow band and then blocked them in the car park for half an hour chanting and waving a Union Flag...


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