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Monday 21 May 2012

Heckmondwike Race Attack

The Dewsbury Reporter yesterday ran a story about a race attack in Heckmondwike which took place on Batley Road at 8.25pm on Friday 18 May. The victim was a 20-year-old man who was abused in Urdu by a gang of four men who then attacked, fracturing one of his eye sockets and inflicting cuts and bruises to both face and hands. Neither the race nor the ethnicity of the victim was initially stated, and contrary to the assumption in the intitial version of this piece, the victim was not white, but a Sikh, as reported in today's Spenborough Guardian. Quite why the West Yorkshire Police did not include this information in their appeal is odd, for when appealing for witnesses surely what people look like is a salient factor in helping to track down the culprits.

This was a very brutal and nasty attack upon this young Sikh man, his background explaining how he understood that he was being abused in Urdu. The public appeal issued by West Yorkshire Police is reproduced below.  If you were in the vicinity last Friday and witnessed this attack, or if you have any other information which may help to apprehend the culprits, please contact the police.

Monday, 21 May, 2012

Police are appealing for information following a racially aggravated assault on Batley Road in Heckmondwike.

The incident happened at 8.25pm on Friday 18 May, when the victim, a 20 year old man was walking to his local shop, Junction Superstores.

It is reported the victim was subjected to racially abusive remarks before being assaulted by a group of four men.

They are described as aged in their early 20's wearing hooded jackets and one wearing a cap. 

The victim sustained cuts and bruises to his face and hands and a fracture to his eye socket. 

The victim states the racial remarks were made in 'Urdu'.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact DC Julie Holloway at Dewsbury Police Station on 101.


  1. Still no mention of colour for either the victim or the perpatrators! I'll bet this 'statement' was run thru a team of lawyers and issued grudgingly.....

    Laurie -

    1. It is odd that the police appeal did not contain reference to the ethnicity of either the attackers or the victim, but now that we learn that the victim was a Sikh and that the attackers hurled abuse in Urdu, it is pretty clear from which cultural background the criminals hailed.

  2. I'm not so sure the victim was white.
    How would he know that what they were saying in Urdu was racist abuse, or even that it was Urdu not Punjabi or Gujarati for example?

    1. Your caution paid off Cygnus. It was odd that the police appeal did not mention the ethnic backgrounds of either party though.

  3. It seems the victim was a Sikh. I doubt if it would have even been classed as a 'racist attack' by the police if it had been a White victim, or if it had made the news.

  4. Why the concern for a Sikh victim of a racist attack when white people are being attacked in this way, by blacks and Asians, every day? For example, this black mob attack on white drinkers in a London pub which led to one, possibly two, deaths:

    BTW when are we going to get more news about your new party?

  5. I hadn't seen that story. It's incredibly shocking. As I work full time, there's only so much reading around and writing that I can do.

    When I posted this piece last night, the identity of the victim was unspecified and it seemed that this attack would probably fall into the type of assault which has been witnessed in the Dewsbury area on a number of previous occasions. The victim didn't deserve to be attacked, and the perpetrators of the crime in question need to be brought to book. The fact that he was a Sikh doesn't make this vicious assault any less vicious. He deserves justice.

    As for the new party, preparations continue. There will be announcements when appropriate.

  6. Indeed, he does and the fact that these muslim thugs are now attacking Sikhs is proof as to the fact that they instinctively know the so-called 'police' in this ridiculous PC hellhole of a country won't touch them. That is how brazen and confident they have become. It is high time the 'police' took off their PC glasses and started to be a REAL police force and stop being the emasculated PC joke they are nowdays!

    Anonymous (Barry)

  7. UK created Pakistan and the only language Pakistanis learn is the language of force!! BAN ISLAM in UK!! And close all mosques now!!


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