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Friday, 7 December 2012

Anyone heard the one about the gay marriage in a mosque?

David Cameron would seem to have moved into the realm of stand-up comedy today, but will his target audience find his ‘joke’ funny? Apparently, he believes that mosques should allow gay marriages to take place within their walls. How queer. One would have thought that an Eton education combined with a first class honours degree in PPE from Oxford would have equipped him with at least a rudimentary acquaintance with the content of other belief systems, particularly one so prominent as Islam, given that it possesses at least 1.6 billion followers, but evidently, this is not the case.

Given this glaring howler on the part of the Prime Minister, one can only agree with the opinion of many members of his party that our education system is ‘not fit for purpose.’ A gay marriage in a mosque could readily double up as a funeral for the couple in question: just another expression of the rich ‘diversity’ characteristic of contemporary Britain.

Here's a picture of Dave taken from no less a publication than 'The Muslim Weekly'


  1. No Durotrigan. Dave was just being Dave. All things to everyone, as usual. He actually said if there was ever a vote on allowing queers to marry in a place of worship, he would vote for it. He then went on to say that if a church, synagogue or mosque had issues with this, he would fully agree with their right to refuse to perform the ceremony.
    The slippery cunt knows that only drippy, liberal Christian clergymen will allow these weird troublemakers access to their place of worship. It is little other than yet another attack on what the elites see as 'traditional values'.

    NE Bloke.

    1. I doubt whether many gays will take-up the offer of getting married in church. Those few who do wish to marry will be content with a civil wedding. Infact, the vast majority see civil partnerships as going far enough.

      The Quakers actually want the freedom to allow gays to marry on their premises as do liberal Jews. Personally, I think Cameron is going along with this to make a political point ie that his party is not the 'nasty party' any longer though they are mistaken if they think they won't attract that label as it is mainly based-upon their attitude to the poor and the vulnerable in our society (particularly the unemployed) and Mr Cameron and his upper-class public schoolboy posse have proven beyond all doubt that they are THE 'nasty party' in this respect. The things they are doing at the moment Mrs Thatcher would never have dared to do and I think that is because of Mrs Thatcher's fairly modest upbringing. Also, as gays tend to richer than average he sees them as a new source of voters for a party that has now lost virtually all working-class support which they have always had in the past. There is also the small matter of the European courts with respect to this issue.

    2. Tories are right in asserting our state education system is not fit for purpose. However, they have no incentive to make it so since very few of them use it and Mr Cameron and most members of the cabinet are proof of that. Of course, it is possible for an Old Etonian PM to be at least slightly in touch with we 'plebs' but it is difficult for them. Mr Cameron has demonstrated he certainly isn't. Macmillian, Anthony Eden and even the very patrician Sir Alec Douglas-Home were more in touch!

  2. And I thought we finally had a real British Conservative PM. He's certainly not a "Churchill" by any means. From Canada it seems England is in deep trouble. It's not the 'brave new world'...with such people in it'. Is it? (Yes, I loved "The Tempest", how did you guess?). A retired Catholic priest in Canada. BTW, I like your humour! The "Marriage + Funeral' juxtaposition and all that! Thanks.

  3. First quick comment at sybarite. If you think Cameron is a Tory, then you need to go to Specsavers.

    The OP summed up, fairly succinctly what Cameron is up to. I'm glad that the blog owner doesn't censor words here and whilst I don't scatter gun bad language, some times it is apropriate. Cameron is a slimely scheming cunt.

    You can be sure, that if Islam wasn't so against gay people, then Cam would be enforcing this be law. The only reason he is backing off, is because he knows the Muslims will roast him.

    I'm not sure which is worse, having a Marxist Bilderberger PM or having the Muslims decide what is UK policy.

  4. That is certainly a possibilty. I do think that Cameron is genuinely in favour of gay marriage. Even those of us who have not attended private schools (especially not the very elitist public ones like Eton College) know what goes on in them. In the ones in England at any rate, it is surely public knowledge that the boarders (Eton is one of the few that is ALL boarding left) get up to 'alternative' sexual exploits. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mr Cameron has had homosexual experiences whilst at Eton. Also, there is some political calculation going on with regard to him gays tend to be richer than average and he undoubtedly thinks that if he allows the ultimate in 'gay rights' ie marriage that will make gays vote Tory in greater numbers than they do at present. The Tory Party is slowly dying and as Labour brought in so many ethnics it makes it very hard for them to win a majority ever again so gay voters and their relatives can be a new voting block in favour of the Tories. The vast majority of gays are white people and even rich blacks and asians generally-speaking won't vote Tory so this is another calculation on his part.

    1. No, if only they could figure out how to reproduce - hey?


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