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Saturday 17 April 2010

Tony Blair: Ravings of a Dark Age Messianic Crackpot

Hat tip to Rugfish over at the Green Arrow blog for drawing attention to the following extract of a Tony Blair lecture. Since he shuffled off his prime ministerial role almost three years ago, Blair has busied himself with a variety of activities, including lecturing at Yale University’s Faith and Globalization Initiative.

Once he had vacated 10 Downing Street, Blair increasingly gave vent to his religious cant, and it is this delusional cant that forms the major ‘substance’ of his course at Yale. In the first of the following extracts, you will hear Blair outline his globalist aspiration to force people of all faiths together, and it is readily apparent, although he does not name it, that Islam forms the focus of his attentions. Blair wishes to force us into embracing the Muslim world, and for all to be absorbed into a globalist new world order and culture in which there is no escape from Islam.

Blair is no theologian. Blair is no philosopher. Blair is no political scientist. Blair is a delusional arch-opportunist; a promoter of globalisation, national and civilisational suicide. He is a man of ‘faith’. He has faith in himself, and it is this sense of ‘faith’, this delusion, that made him so confident that the contents of the Iraq dodgy dossier served as a sufficient pretext for launching our country into war with Iraq. He needs not reason, simply ‘faith’.

Watch his vacuous address, and ask yourself this question: do his expressed sentiments not go a long way to illuminating the years of enforced multiculturalism, mass immigration and subservience to Islam that the UK witnessed following his election in 1997?

In the second extract, he attacks atheism, science and Richard Dawkins, leaving in no doubt that he would prefer to ally himself with the seventh-century Muhammedan mindset than with enlightenment. Blair viciously equates atheistical rationalism with the barbarism of Islamic fundamentalism. Blair may have left office, but his continuing malign influence means that he remains an extremely dangerous man.

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