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Wednesday 7 April 2010

Barack Obama: First Muslim President of the USA

Don’t believe me? Here are just a couple of pieces of evidence. There are many others, but they’ll have to wait until another day. Now, in the first clip he makes a reference to his faith. Note what he says it is. How often do people make a mistake when stating their faith or lack of it? It’s rather like forgetting your own name. In the second, you will witness his deference to the Saudi Monarch. On the same day, he did not bow to Queen Elizabeth II.

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  1. These poliwhoring-not-worth-the-womb-they-came-out-off-scum-buckets all worship power and privilege and would sell their soul for it. Probably have.

    Another showing factor in the above reasoning is some of our political puppets make two planks of wood look like a computer. There is no way on Earth that any would be allowed near the tills at Tesco, let alone the Nations'.

    The main reason they need those large entourages that are always on hand.

    Scriptwriters to keep the words flowing, security to enforce a perimeter along with the 'team' that keeps the 'pawn' in check.

    Some hope, some change.

    Tenpenny Hall is the American Model I guess. Our own is the Rotten Borough principle.

    For too long the bad apples have been in the barrel, turning the rest bad. Not only that, but seeing as the entire contents have been left for so long, even the barrel (Parliement, Church) has turned rotten.

    God have mercy on us all.


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