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Monday 19 April 2010

Panorama on Population Growth in the UK

A General Election is approaching so the BBC decides to run a Panorama episode entitled "Is Britain Full?" Given that we have a severe housing shortage that grows worse by the day, continuous mass unemployment and underemployment, a virtually gridlocked road network and overloaded public transport system, schools where English is the minority language and areas of many of our towns and cities where you could quite readily believe yourself to be in Pakistan, Somalia or Nigeria, it is astonishing that the BBC has to arrange these three words in that particular order. My preference would be "Britain is full."

Granted, at least this immigration-driven issue was given an airing, but what was unspoken in the report was as telling as that which was said. It did touch upon the additional strains upon housing, the NHS, schools, transport and water supply, but not once did it mention the social problems caused by the de facto colonisation of a significant part of our urban landscape, and the resultant Islamisation and violent gang culture introduced by different immigrant groups. It did not mention the negative impact on the schooling of native British children caused by these factors and the influx of large numbers of non-English speakers. It did not mention the settlement of asylum claimaints (officially referred to as "seekers" irrespective of whether or not they are genuinely seeking asylum) or illegal immigration and people trafficking.

Even if net immigration were to be reduced to zero, if significant numbers of native Britons were to be replaced by Pakistanis, Somalis and Nigerians etc, this would still have a very negative impact upon the composition of our society and the quality of life of indigenous Britons.

What this Panorama episode did was afford spokesmen from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties the opportunity to talk about their policies on immigration three weeks in advance of a General Election whilst not interviewing representatives of the BNP or UKIP. Thus the Tories were afforded the chance to proffer their bogus 'tough' stance on immigration which allegedly involves an annual "cap" on numbers although they will provide no figures; Phil Woolas was able to lie again and claim that immigration was falling, and Chris Huhne of the Liberal Democrats was able to talk about his party's hare-brained scheme of settling immigrants in areas of the UK that they consider to be relatively underpopulated ('unenriched' in their dreadfully euphemistic parlance). Surely the electorate, who cite immigration as the second most pressing problem, will not be stupid enough to vote for Clegg's bunch will they? Well, alas, this is what the controlled media would like to see happen, and what looks increasingly likely.

As with all BBC documentaries on immigration it contained an obligatory swipe at the BNP and a trip to Barking to speak to a token white working-class mother whose family have to live in housing blighted by mould and damp because social housing is being taken by immigrants. Her children were all suffering from asthma as a consequence. That any of our people have to live in such conditions is a scandal, and whilst any of our own have to live in squalor no immigrant should have any entitlement whatsoever to social housing. What is for certain is that none of our mainstream political parties (the Greens are even worse incidentally) are willing to tackle the immigration issue.

If you desire a peaceful future with a good quality of life for your children, there is no alternative but to shut the door to further immigration. We do not owe the world a living, and those from other parts of the globe should possess no right to settle here. Anyone who is admitted to our country should be given the right to residence only in exceptional circumstances. It should not be the norm as it is now. Think nationalist, vote nationalist. Vote BNP on 6 May.

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