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Thursday 29 April 2010

'British Muslim Initiative' List of Parliamentary Candidates

The British Muslim Initiative (BMI – not to be confused with the Body Mass Index) has done us a favour by publishing a list of candidates whom you should not consider voting for under any circumstances. All are either Muslim or über-dhimmis. Other than the usual suspects such as George Galloway, Shahid Malik and Sadiq Khan, you’ll find such ‘luminaries’ as Glenda Jackson, Gerald Kaufman, Dominic Grieve and Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas (representing the most multiculturalist, anti-nationalist and pro-Islamist party of the lot excepting Respect).

Caroline Lucas and the Greens have, owing to their small share of the popular vote, avoided serious scrutiny, but it must be said that she is a dangerous authoritarian; a dhimmi dung beetle who would criminalise criticism of Islam and provide followers of this totalitarian death-cult with privileges vis-à-vis the rest of the population. She was a signatory to a letter that appeared in the Guardian on 25 March 2010 entitled ‘Islamophobia is a threat to democracy’. No Lucas, you are mistaken: Islam is a threat to democracy, you hemp-addled hippie.

Take a look at this list, and if you spot anyone that you’d ever hitherto considered voting for (unsurprisingly, I didn’t), take note and cast your ballot for another candidate, preferably one standing for the BNP. Failing that, vote UKIP or English Democrat.

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