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Saturday, 10 November 2012

EDL to Demonstrate in Norwich

An EDL demonstration will be taking place in Norwich today, accompanied by a customary counter-demonstration under the now well-known "We Are" franchise created by the SWP-dominated UAF: We Are Norwich. The demo has apparently been prompted by ‘a decision by the city council, banning a Christian preacher from distributing anti-Islamic“hate-motivated” leaflets from a stall on Hay Hill.’ Given the blanket use and abuse of so-called hate-crime laws when it comes to matters of belief, it is hard to adjudge whether or not the leaflets really were “hate-motivated”, but such an allegation really ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. In all likelihood, he was just proclaiming that Christianity is the true religion, as would be the position of any Christian preacher, and probably highlighting some of the bloody and intolerant aspects of Islamic doctrine.

The ‘preacher’ in question may of course have been one of those ranting types yelling about fire and brimstone and eternal damnation for those who do not follow ‘The Lord’, but such people are best ignored rather than prosecuted. From the little information available, it seems that he is one of those types, and in line with doctrinaire Islam, enjoys inveighing against the evils of homosexuality. There is often little that differentiates literalist Old Testament ‘Christians’ from their doctrinaire Muslim equivalents, with both holding exceptionally objectionable views and making for very bad company.

Norwich, it would seem, does not possess a significant Muslim population, but the city is home to a group that calls itself the ‘Norwich Muslim Community’, which possesses its own website and claims to be some 150 strong (including children). Whereas in the bulk of our towns and cities where such a presence is in evidence the representatives of this faith originate from overseas, in Norwich, the situation is different, with the website claiming that ‘The majority are British-born converts to Islam.’ Those words – ‘British-born converts to Islam’ – always sadden me, for I cannot understand why anyone would wish to freely embrace that faith in particular, when so many others (and none) are available. Why would anyone in the full possession of his or, particularly, her mental faculties who was not of a malicious bent choose to embrace such a doctrine? Perhaps asking such a question is superfluous, for there is a strong irrational urge in many people.

Thus, having ascertained that Norwich is not home to a large Muslim population and that there are no specific problems with those who describe themselves as adherents of that faith in the city, is holding a march the best way to protest against the idiotic decision by the local council to ban a fringe Christian preacher from distributing leaflets? Perhaps it is. Then again, it might be better if the EDL were to get behind the Reform Section 5 Campaign instead. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the chosen course of action, expect a lot of people under the banner of We Are Norwich to be screaming ‘fascists!’ at the EDL today. It is only a matter of time before the reports start rolling in, with the press giving a platform only to the anti-EDL protesters. A live blog of the demo is being provided by Norwich Evening News.

 'Norwich Muslim Community': mostly Converts


  1. "Those words – ‘British-born converts to Islam’ – always sadden me, for I cannot understand why anyone would wish to freely embrace that faith in particular"

    I'm not a religious man myself (I think religion can actually be a good thing, if used in the right way) and have often wondered why people convert to Islam.

    Apart from madness, I can only come up with one conclusion. A sort of Stockholm Syndrome. People feel overwhelmed and unable or unwilling to fight something, so they feel it is easier to give in and join the enemy.

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It's a group think mentality, then don't have the physical and mental strength to resist, so they feel more more comfortable joing the 'group'.

    A bit like the bully at school, you didn't like him at all, but it was better to be his friend than his enemey. He would still end up having your sweets (or money) but you would have 'given' them to him, rather than him having taken them by force and you wouold convince yourself that you had made the decision rather than having been forced. When we all know the reality was it was the same outcome.

    Converts have copped out, bottled it and decided to join the enemy, so that 'he' doesn't hurt them.

    1. Your Stockholm Syndrome analogy, I think, has some merit for a number of converts, particularly in the period since 9/11 when Islam has received a great deal more publicity and, from the BBC, favourable publicity at that. There is a peculiar form of cognitive dissonance at play for many, for whereas the mantra "Islam is the religion of peace" is constantly repeated, contemporary events, the attitudes of a sizeable bellicose element within the Muslim population and the bitter experience of history all attest otherwise. Yvonne Ridley could certainly be regarded as suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. I believe that certain individuals simply like to appear different.
    There is often an element of 'look at me, aren't I slightly quirky' to those Westerners who convert to Islam.

    Also those who have the suicidal hatred of everything normal, who are riddled with resentment for all that is common to them like a perpetual and particularly spiteful teenager.

    1. That is undoubtedly another factor at play for some converts, who are about as normal as one of Alex’s droogs, with some of them certainly being up ‘for a bit of the old ultraviolence’ although ‘legitimised’ through reference to ‘faith’.

  3. We did indeed get about 100 people under the fascistically-named banner of We are Norwich shouting all sorts of epithets at us. Then we heard of a 76-year-old war veteran who, the week before, was assaulted for handing out EDL leaflets, and a woman who was threatened with a pickaxe-handle because she was flying an English flag at her stall. Democracy is obviously in poor health in Norwich, so I reckon our visit was justified.

    1. Thanks for the report Joe. It came as quite a surprise to read on your blog that the allegedly offensive pamphlet was some ten years old and that only one person had complained about it.


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