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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sky News Report: Infamous Five arrested at Sellafield

It would seem that our wonderfully ‘vibrant’ multicultural experiment might have spawned a group of five interested in exploring the potential of nuclear power in England, but not with a view to meeting any energy deficit or cutting emissions of carbon dioxide. Rather insultingly, the five London residents (they’re not Londoners) have been described as ‘Asian’ males in their twenties. Why doesn’t the media come clean about this and stop insulting ethnic Chinese and Japanese, as well as Hindus and Sikhs, and just tell us that these men are Muslims of sub-continental extraction, rather than tarring all people of Asian origin with this brush? I am tired of having to read between the lines in reports about these people. I’d wager one of my front teeth that it transpires that they’re Muslims. One source has described them as Bangladeshis, although the police have failed to confirm this (which suggests that they are). Maybe these men were prospecting for a new ingredient for an extra-hot phal which would illumine the darkened interiors of the restaurants of Brick Lane, but then again, they could well have had much more nefarious purposes in mind.

It’s not clear whether the five had decided to visit Sellafield with a view to honing their amateur photography skills by taking portraits of this ‘beautiful’ site, or whether they were staking it out for an attack or theft of nuclear materials. We’ll probably find out by digging through the small print of an obscure press release in a year or two. They could well be members of the bin Laden fan club with a taste for Islamist terrorism, or, irrespective of what they actually are, ‘victims of institutional racism’ for the Guardian. I can already hear Mehdi Hassan smacking his lips over this one, and getting ready to verbally chastise we infidel ‘cattle’ once again for our filthy, impudent kufr intolerance. The Birmingham Post however, reports that the arrests have triggered police raids on four houses in East London.

Still, over to Sky for some footage of Sellafield’s ‘beauty’ and a little commentary on the arrests:

The latest Sky video report below provides a little more detail about the enthusiastic photographic chroniclers of the nation's nuclear facilities:


  1. A bunch of muslims driving around a nuclear power station with surveilence equipment the day after the announcement of Bin Ladens death. Its like something out of Four Lions.

  2. It does. That said, there have yet to be any reports of exploding crows in the vicinity of the plant. Perhaps their next ruse could be to pose as a bunch of flat-capped pigeon fanciers, releasing their flock of feathered favourites bearing miniaturised packages of death into Trafalgar Square.

  3. I wonder if they had Toploader on the stereo...

  4. It could well have been, along with a bhangra remix of Blondie's 'Atomic' and 'Muslamic Rayguns'.


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