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Monday, 2 May 2011

Behold the Hydra’s Head!

Behold the head of the hydra! Osama bin Laden is dead! Which heads will now sprout in its place? What will happen to his vast wealth, which has helped to fund al-Qaeda’s operations around the globe? Answers to these questions are unlikely to become known for quite some time, but whilst there is some cause today for celebration, we must remember that this is the death of only one man, albeit a symbolically very significant one. Al-Qaeda will not cease to operate and, more importantly, neither will the Islamisation of Western nations.

The greatest threat to the well being of our country emanates not from Islamist terrorists, for such people can be readily rooted out and eliminated should we choose to rid ourselves of them, but from the ideologies of globalism, cultural relativism, ethnic and racial ‘guilt’ and their attendant ideological policing mechanism of political correctness. These ideologies are of course propagated by the nascent transnational oligarchy to which our leading politicians and members of our media class belong. They formulate the attendant policies and messages which are then transmitted to the public through the legal and educational systems and the mainstream mass media organs of television, radio, the press and online rolling news. These policies and messages bludgeon our native populations, and seek to inculcate a sense of guilt and subservience in the face of the exotic ‘other’, none being more exotic and alien than the figure of the Muslim.

Without the cankered ideology of our ruling class - in effect a masochistic creed of anti-White race hate masquerading as ‘tolerance’ - our futures would not be in jeopardy, for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and every other European nation (I exclude Albania and Thracian Turkey from my definition of European, for they are Muslim) would not therefore choose to allow mass immigration to take place. We would not be allowing the propagation of Islam within our borders, just as we would not be allowing the propagation of Muslims themselves through chain migration and the acceptance of aggressive colonists from Africa and the Middle East risibly posing as ‘refugees’.

If our peoples chose to ditch multiculturalism and its associated ethnic and racial self-loathing, then the question of the Islamisation of our nations would be decided in an instant, and this process thrown into firm and permanent reverse. Islamisation would be but a dark historical episode to be held up to future generations as an admonitory example of what can go wrong with a society when it chooses to allow barbarism an equal footing with civilisation, and to denigrate the latter as being in some sense culpable for the ills of mankind. This misplaced sense of collective guilt is but a hangover from the Christian past of the European peoples, and we would do well to expunge ourselves of this.

Yes, rejoice for Osama bin Laden is dead, but we must be unflinching in our efforts to ensure that doctrinaire Islam and its exponents are removed from all European nations and their daughter societies forever. We have yet to defeat the greatest twin threats to our national futures: globalism and the demographic jihad waged through the womb and by migration. On these two fronts, we currently have nothing to celebrate, for we are losing. It is up to us however, to ensure that a day of celebration on this score will occur, and that it will happen in our lifetimes. If it does not, there is little likelihood that it will happen at all.


  1. Free trade along with its resulting globalization will rid the world of 14th century cultures. Those without anything to offer the market place will become extinct.

  2. Marketisation and globalisation are bringing about the destruction of European nations and civilisation, whilst Islam flourishes in our midst. Your recipe would bring about the victory of Islam, for the arch-advocates of globalism all describe Islam as a 'religion of peace' and are facilitating its spread. They all promote the free movement of labour, which is why they are happy for the massive Muslim demographic ingress into Europe.

    I take it that you are an American of sorts and thus wedded to the mythical abstraction of the 'free' market. 'Free' for whom? Those who control the largest amount of capital control the market, and those producers with the greatest legal clout are not necessarily those that produce the best products. No. I reject your rootless cosmopolitanism outright. Your stance is that of tyranny masquerading as freedom.


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