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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Leicester South by-election Result: Interesting?

Today’s big electoral story, for Liberal Democrats that is, is the referendum on the Alternative Vote. No thank you. I voted against. Elsewhere across the country, people have headed to the polls in local elections across England and for those to the devolved Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies. Note the absence of an opportunity for the English to express themselves in their own parliament.

I cannot recall a previous occasion when I have been so bored by an election campaign. Dull squabbling about AV, and Ed Miliband prattling on as if the Labour Party provided an alternative to the mess that the country is in, when in fact they’d make things still worse. Amidst all of this soporific irrelevance and the charade of tripartite political ‘difference’, there is one slightly interesting contest taking place today: the Leicester South by-election. Why is it interesting? Quite simply because the UKIP candidate is deemed to have said something truthful (i.e. unacceptable to mainstream politicians and the media) about the negative reality about Islam in the city, and across the UK in general. The candidate – Abhijat Pandya – has spoken out in favour of the EDL, denounced Islam and multiculturalism, advocated the forced repatriation of Muslims on benefits, and sought to overturn the ban on Geert Wilders entering the UK. All of these attitudes, statements and actions are in my opinion very positive, and I applaud Pandya for these. Pandya himself is UKIP’s Head of Research, a practising Christian and the son of an East Asian immigrant from Uganda.

Depressingly, Leicester of course is widely expected to become Britain’s first minority white city, and the ethnic and confessional composition of the Leicester South constituency makes Pandya’s candidacy all the more interesting, for according to the 2001 census, it was at that time only 61.2% white and 19.3% Muslim. Sadly, the Muslim share of the population will have grown since then. The Leicester Mercury shamefully attacked Pandya for a recent blog posting in which he criticised Islam, so it will be very interesting to see whether this actually plays to his favour or detriment. One may assume that the majority of remaining English people in the constituency who have not internalised the ethnic self-hatred propagated by political correctness will react positively, as perhaps will many amongst Hindu and Sikh residents, who together made up 12.8% of the constituency’s population in 2001.

At the General Election last year, six candidates contested Leicester South. This time around, both the BNP and the Greens have dropped out, but a Loony candidate has entered the fray. UKIP polled poorly last year, taking only 720 votes, some 1.5% of the total, way behind the BNP’s 3% share with 1,418. However, I would anticipate that most of those who voted BNP last time would have switched to UKIP on this occasion. Pandya should therefore take at least 5%. If he could break the 10% barrier, this would be a real achievement. It is unlikely however, that Labour will lose its stranglehold on the seat, for last year, despite the party’s dreadful national performance, the elected MP managed to secure 45.6% of the vote, with the Liberal Democrats trailing in second place on 26.9%. However, it would be a pleasant surprise if at some time in the early hours of tomorrow morning it were to be announced that “Abhijat Pandya has been duly elected as MP for Leicester South."


  1. BNP vote for dark skin?

  2. It would seem that next to nobody of any skin colour has voted for him.

  3. Interesting article.

    Of course, when Leftist/liberal councillors, journos, etc. can't call an Asian 'racist' (although that hasn't always stopped them), such as Pandya, they can always rely on calling him an 'Uncle Tom' instead (or hint that he is); as they did with Guramit Singh, etc., and with any black man who doesn't like rap, or any UK Pakistani who does love Osama bin Laden. This is, of course, classic Leftist racism.

    The Uncle Tom accusation was invented by the Black Panthers and Malcolm X for any black American who didn't believe in kidnapping white judges, carrying arms for the Black Revolution, in small acts of terrorism, etc.

    Now the SWP/UAF says the same about any Muslim, or Asian, who doesn't support MDL, UAF, Hamas or Hezbollah.

  4. Oopsy. Dear Mr Pandya lost, quite significantly. What a joke of a campaign. Suggest that in the future UKIP screen candidates!

  5. I wonder if UKIP put as much effort( funds) into this by-election as they did at Oldham East and Barnsley recently where their objective apparenetly was only to beat the BNP. Perhaps the absnce of a BNP candidate this time in Leicester South meant that UKIP had lost it's apparent raison d'etre. Given Farage's ongoing media high profile this doesn't bode well for this particular 'anti-immigration' party. But then , Leicester South is probably comprised of approximately 50% immigrants anyway!


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